Filmed by Sally Hossack

Normally, here in TheLab™, we are not big fans of kinetic names for dance companies but we can let 'Collision' go because we like the idea of smashing things together, just don't judge us for it!

With that we bring you the latest brand new company to thumb its nose at conventional wisdom and try and 'make it' in the this world we call contemporary dance. In the mix since 2004 the Liverpool based outfit is yet more living proof there is a great deal of dance life outside of London/Gotham City.

'Lyrics' is the creation of Lisi Perry, former Motionhouse bod, and her 5 female dancers and they say of it thus;

"5 strong performers deliver endless scenarios using unity that pleases the soul, dynamic rigor and juicy solos & duets with a precise quality. Drawing us in and then punching it out, over a familiar, yet bizarre journey.

Using observational nuances to allow the work to be humorous with aspects of the 'everyday' Lyrics has confidence and a fresh new style, capturing new audiences in a fun and entertaining way. It offers its audience a chance to get to know the performers on a personal level."

What they deliver is imaginative dance making and excellent performances throughout. It's a show that never seems to let up, not even for a moment and our six minute clip is an excellent illustration of the frantic makeup of the whole piece.

'Lyrics' will be touring next year and we'll bring you more news when we get it, no website as yet but stay tuned.

The work is performed by Charlotte Grant, Dominique Bulgin, Genevieve Say, Makiko Aoyama and Vanessa Cook with choreography by Lisi Perry.

Top photo by Nitpix