If the work featured at the British Dance Edition can be broken down into sections then Charles Linehan's work can go firmly into the 'Ultra Technical but Thoroughly Relaxed' category. Allow us to explain!

While some choreographers use the technical ability of their dancers to the maximum, having them flying about the stage at break neck speed until they can dance no more, Mr Linehan takes the exact opposite approach. The dancer's work on the stage as if it were no more than a mere interruption to something they were on their way to do and the twenty minutes on the stage is a pause for thought.

Executed with a high level of class and consummate professionalism by the three dancer's, this is a company that wants to ease you into their message and leave you pondering. In a world to keen to bludgeon you with noise and hype, the Charles Linehan Company is the soothing cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day, the bit you're really looking forward to.

In press speak we have the merest sliver of words;

"Charles Linehan Company's latest work is inspired by the music of composer Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth), whose conceptual piece of the same name defies every conventional listening expectation. The listener is drawn under the spell of the music, in which an acoustic guitar and electronic soundscape very gradually increase in intensity. The hypnotic effect is mirrored in Linehan's choreography."

Performed by Greig Cooke, Rahel Vonmoos, Andreja Rauch with choreography by Charles Linehan and music by Jim O`Rourke and Robert Merdzo.

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