CandoCo are now in their 16th year of creating and touring a wide range of creative works for dancers with and without disabilities. Their signature theme is not one seeking sympathy but of performing the best work to the highest professional standard.

This particular piece is probably not one of their most accessible works, thanks in large part to the music, but the dancers still shine and make the work their own.

Created by Rafael Bonachela the press words say this;

"With composer Scott Walker setting the scene for a sinister and primal ball, Rafael Bonachela's choreography cuts through the space, pushing the dancers into extreme connections, entangled in each others bodies, throwing their partners into flight, only to catch and grab and throw again and again and again.

Since its inception 16 years ago, CandoCo has aimed high, high in quality of movement, high in integrity of dance as an art form and high in expectations of ourselves as performers. Our focus is on dance not disability, professionalism not therapy."

The company's next show is at the Oxford Playhouse on the 13th of February, full details on the company's website.

Dancers: Bettina Carpi, Natalie Ayton, Marc Brew, Jorge Crecis, Freddie Opoku Addaie, Nadia Adame Rojas, Zoe Brown with music by Scott Walker.

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