In keeping with our tradition of bringing you the new along side the old we have Being Frank Physical Theatre with "Pandora's Box" created by David McKenna. This is the company's third piece and they have just completed a short tour in the UK with hopefully more to come in the near future.

Also in keeping with our strong traditions here in the Lab we feel compelled to give you the press spin on Pandora's Box but more importantly we have a six minute slice of the actual performance for you to watch:

"Using silent films of the nineteen twenties as inspiration the artists will share their own personal sins and dealings with temptation and manipulation. Five physical performers and a live musician interact together, uncovering past mistakes, creating a web of self-indulgence, tension and control.

The piece alternates from sections that are representational of the filmic style of the nineteen twenties, to a more modern, dynamic, contemporary style. The project also incorporates the opportunity to create a boys community group performance that explores the ideas of Pandora's box from the perspective of the modern young male.

This project will investigate the social expectations of being a male in today's society. So, when presented with a scaffold box, boys will be encouraged to explore physically suppressed feelings and the idea of 'keeping up appearances'."

Pandora's Box is performed by Kath Kimber-McTiffen, Mark Anderson, Mark Worth, Alexis Wilkinson and David McKenna with Music by Anthony Kimber-McTiffen and film by Dom Breadmore.

Further information about the company and their touring and production details can be had from their website.

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