Now in its fifth iteration the Bare Bones company has moved along to an all male ensemble for their new touring programme featuring choreography by Arthur Pita, David Massingham and Liam Steel. We bring you an exclusive first look at "And Then Gone" the first piece of choreography created on the new company by Arthur Pita.

Bare Bones have been a constant fixture on Article19 over the last few years. From tentative beginnings the company has rapidly become one of the most popular contemporary dance companies in the UK.

They not only offer a wide variety of choreographic work but their ability to adapt to almost any performance space, the shows are conducted in the round, means they can go places most other dance companies fear to tread.

In publicity terms this is what they have to say;

"From a single suit shared onstage between the five men (Arthur Pita), to bare-chested highly physical dance in jeans (Liam Steel) and four pieces sharing the same performance space at the same time (David Massingham), this unique programme of dance devised by men for men is set to transfix and amaze audiences."

Our video feature includes interviews with the choroegrapher, Arthur Pita, and the five dancers, Omar Gordon, John Thompson, Neb Abbott, Andrew Cowan and River Carmalt. Throughout the interview there is extensive footage from the new piece "And Then Gone" which has yet to be seen by the public at large.

We will bring you video of all three works in May.

Bare Bones 5 premiers at the Lindbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London on Friday May 12th and then tours across the UK (and the Channel Islands for reasons past understanding)!

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