As promised we bring you full coverage of Bare Bones latest touring production featuring works by Liam Steele, Arthur Pita and David Massingham performed at the more than posh Linbury Theatre, Covent Garden (yes that Covent Garden!)

Previously we brought you a preview version of Arthur Pita's 'And Then Gone' which was filmed before the other two works were completed. Well, the premier took place back in May and we were there to catch the action, so to speak, and all three works are now here for you to peruse at your leisure.

As well as Mr Pita's work we have 'With The Company We Keep' by the Bones Artistic Director, David Massingham and 'Crazy Gary' by Liam Steel - who is, apparently, a part of Stan Won't Dance. Bare Bones are a product of DanceXchange, one of the UK's National Dance Agency's, and have been running now for five (count 'em) years and for this particular iteration of the company there is something slightly different.

Unlike previous years the Bones - as we have taken to calling them - are an all male affair with all male choreographers, so we have a very testosterone laden collection of dance making going on here.

At present the company is sleeping but they will be back on tour this autumn at a theatre near you and, we've heard tell, there may well be some international touring going on so our overseas readers may well get a chance to catch the company in the flesh.

All the works are performed by the company's five dancers, Omar Gordon, John Thompson, Neb Abbott, Andrew Cowan and River Carmalt. We should also advise you that the full length version of 'Crazy Gary' contains strong language. Touring throughout the autumn, check the DX website for more details as and when they emerge.

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