When we last featured BareBones Dance Company, late last year, the video was one of the most popular on Article19 and continues to be so to this very day. So we bring you today snippets from three of the company's new works by choreographers of international repute (it says here!)

BareBones is the resident company of DanceXchange the National Dance Agency for the West Midlands, they are based in Birmingham but we would never hold that against anyone.

Article19 brings you three out of five of their new creations.

The first piece is "To The Bone" danced by Vicki Manderson and Jacob Dorff-Peterson with choreography by Luca Silvestrini. Second up we have "Dance, Love, Sex and other Little Details" Performed by Alessandra Cito, Elizabetta d'Aloia, Jacob Dorff-Petersen, Vicki Manderson and Keir Patrick with choreography by Helene Blackburn.

Finally we bring you a soothing solo choreographed by Hofesh Shechter and performed by Elisabetta d'Aloia (pictured above) the piece has not been given a title so it is called "Untitled".

The above videos were shot in a performance space prior to the show. If the audience were there however you would see them on all four sides of the venue which means when on tour the company can work in none traditional performance spaces and the audience is practically on top of the show.

We don't think the company does personal shows but if you want to try and book them for your living room then let us know how you get on!

BareBones will be touring throughout 2005 and beyond, we will bring you tour dates as and when they become available. For more information about BareBones contact DanceXchange in Birmingham by following the link over on the right near the top of this page.

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