From left field comes a performance you would never expect and on some levels looks like it was designed to test the stamina of the dancers to their absolute limits.

Imagine yourself on a rotating platform about three feet wide, under stage lighting and slowly, over a period of 50 minutes, removing your elaborate costume until all that remains is you, naked to the world and yes, you're still spinning round and round.

What you have imagined is Ballet Lorent's latest work 'Designer Body' and they speak of it thus;

"Designer Body celebrates the body transformed. Designer Body features seven dancers - four female and three male - each revolving on their own one metre diameter plinth dressed in full length garments that accentuate and distort the stature and elegance of their bodies.

The revolving plinths are programmed to work with and against the choreography and the dancers velocity with speeds of up to 20rpm. Over 50 minutes the clockwise and counter-clockwise revolutions of the plinths creates a transcendental and hypnotic effect with the dancers moving in and out of perfect synchronicity and kaleidoscopic patterns.

Throughout their orbiting journey the dancers go through a transformation as layers of clothing slip away through the rotations of the moving stages, the choreography and the wind machines. The couture designed body that was presented at the beginning of the work ends as a completely nude sculptural form - a completely different kind of designer body."

At present there are no future touring dates to be had but the work is brand new so give it time. Check the company's website for future updates, more news as we get it.

Dancers: Gary Clarke, Gavin Coward, Katryn Jackson, Meritxell Pan Cabo, Debbi Purtill, Caroline Reece, Raymond Roa.

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