Summer is usually not a good time for dance, the theaters are all closed and most of the good companies are on holiday or filling out 400 pages of funding applications.

However, it's also the time for the new companies to come to the fore and show what they're made of. The summer months are the time for the new to push the old out of the way and say 'look at me'!

One such company is All Play, a dance theatre outfit that has put together an ultra portable piece of dance comprising movement, theatre and a touch of comedy. The ultra portable side stems from the fact that "It's Rude To Point" can be performed anywhere with little or no technical backup, lights, or even an indoor venue.

This obviously keeps the cost down but the quality of the work is sky high. Think New Art Club but with comedy that's actually funny!

The company speaks of their work thus;

"An exploration of the function and dysfunction of friendship, personal space and communication, the performers tumble, wrestle, fly and laugh through the 20 minutes that is the current performance piece, otherwise known as 'It's Rude to Point'.

Capable of anticipating each other's responses, the performers test each other's limits, appealing to the audience as a mediator for their game-play. As confidences are broken the relationship starts to fragment. Physical and verbal banter become simultaneously ridiculous, entertaining and uncomfortably compromising."

"It's Rude To Point" is performed and created by Vanessa Cook and Nikki O'Hara and the work will be touring to almost anywhere you can think of in the Autumn.

If you want some more info about the company check out their website for more video and imagery.

(Disclosure: Article19 Digital Post Production was involved in the creation of the company's multi media.)

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