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Joan Clevillé Dance 'The North'

Thursday, 18 January, 2018 |

Last time out we brought you the eccentric 'Plan B For Utopia', the opening bow from Spanish dance maker Joan Clevillé and his self-titled company and now they are back with a new work that is equally eclectic as the first; 'The North'.

The company say this much about the piece;

It's a place we all know, but we have never been... A forest, a desert of ice. The land of ancient gods, wild animals and strange creatures. The home of the Terrible and the Sublime...
In this new work co-commissioned by Tramway (Glasgow) and The Place (London), choreographer Joan Clevillé explores our fascination with the idea of North: the landscape, the light, the creatures that inhabit it, but also the people, the dark humour, the silence...
Blending elements from dance, physical and object theatre, The North is the bleak yet whimsical story of a young man's journey in search for meaning in an unpredictable environment. A place with its own sense of time and space, where being lost is the norm, and letting go the only way to survive...

We talk to the company AD about the piece, making the piece and surviving Brexit, should it ever actually happen.

'The North' is performed by Eve Ganneau, John Kendall and Solène Weinachter and is written and directed by Joan Clevillé.

Filmed at The Riley Theatre in Leeds on October 10th 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Vanessa Cook Dance 'Creature'

Tuesday, 5 December, 2017 |

In a much-delayed feature, we bring you Vanessa Cook Dance and their work 'Creature' performed for over a month at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a feat that requires nerves of steel from even the most hardened of performers.

'Creature' is a mix of aerial and more traditional contemporary dance and was adapted from a much larger, site-specific work. Ms. Cook is a British dance maker but the company is based in Bern, Switzerland.

The company tell us this much about the piece;

"CREATURE weaves aerial and powerfully grounded contemporary dance in a new work of compelling and visceral dance theatre. Vanessa Cook's latest show explores the balance between flying, falling, succeeding and failing - between human creatures. Moving seamlessly between the realms of air and earth, CREATURE is raw, energetic, visually stunning and always surprising."

At present, there are no further touring dates planned but keep an eye on the company website for details.

'Creature' is performed by Michał Czyż, Dariusz Seweryn Nowak, Alessandra Ruggeri, Tobias Spori and Vanessa Cook.

Filmed at C Venues, Edinburgh on August 23rd, 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Motionhouse 'Charge' In Rehearsal

Tuesday, 3 October, 2017 |

Motionhouse are a company of more than 30 years standing and for 2017 they are delivering a massive electric shock to the system with their brand new work 'Charge' (I see what you did there! Ed!)

For this video we went behind the scenes for the day to film some rehearsals and speak with Kevin Finnan, the company's AD.

Motionhouse say this much about the work;

From the electrical charge that sparks human life, to the beating of our hearts and the memories we make, six performers use dance and acrobatics to delve deep into the human body, tracing the incredible story of energy in our lives.
Digital projections create a world on stage where dancers and images interact seamlessly, bringing to life stories of energy in our own bodies and humans as energy manipulators. In an exciting fusion of art and science, Motionhouse has worked with partners from the University of Oxford on the role of electricity in the human body to inspire the show.
Charge is the third element of Kevin Finnan's 'Earth Trilogy', developing on themes explored in Scattered (2009) and Broken (2013) about our relationship with water and the Earth.

'Charge' will premiere on October 4th at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry with national and international touring for a very long time after that. So check the company websites for ongoing details.

The work is performed by Junior Cunningham, Chris Knight, Martina Knight, Daniel Massarella, Luka Owen, Naomi Tadevossian, Rebecca Williams and Alisdair Stewart. Music by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson, used by kind permission of Motionhouse.

Filmed at Motionhouse Rehearsal Space, Leamington Spa on September 14th 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Gracefool Collective 'This Really Is Too Much'

Tuesday, 19 September, 2017 |

Brought to you by the same group of dancers responsible for ProDance Leeds, Gracefool Collective (geddit?) is a dance theatre company created by 4 relatively recent dance graduates and their work 'This Really Is Too Much' has just finished a 4 week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The company tell us this much about the work;

"Raucous, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, this genre-busting performance reveals the downright absurd realities of life as a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, WO-man in modern society. 'Gleefully compelling' (Exeunt), slickly choreographed and dripping with feminist charm and anarchic wit.
Gracefool combine dancing with dark comedy to delve into a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles, wrestling with gender, identity and social convention. An outlandish and wildly entertaining medley of absurd political speeches, talent contests and box ticking."

Our coverage includes elements of the show and an interview with Kate Cox, co-creator and dancer.

'This Really Is Too Much' is currently on hiatus as the company develop a new work but check their website for ongoing details of what they are up to.

The work is performed and crated by Rachel Fullegar, Sofia Edstrand, Kate Cox and Rebecca Holmberg. Filmed at The Underbelly, EFF, Edinburgh, August 22nd 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Scottish Dance Theatre 'Process Day'

Thursday, 7 September, 2017 |

Scottish Dance Theatre return to Article19 with the slightly off the wall 'Process Day' a creation by Israeli dance maker Sharon Eyal performed at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In the wide world of dance it's hard to be different but Ms Eyal's pieces fit the description with there relentless, almost hypnotic repetition and pace and use of specially scored music by Ori Lichtik.

The company say this much about the work;

"A sensory experience transforming dancers into sleek, androgynous, nocturnal beings guided through shadows by a futuristic techno soundtrack. Pulsating movements capture the universal drive of striving for fulfilment and release.
This darkly delightful combination of cutting-edge choreography and club culture leaves you feeling its grip long after the piece is over. Award-winning duo Eyal and Behar have created a stream of critically acclaimed works for some of the world's leading companies including Batsheva Dance, Nederlands Dans Theater and Carte Blanche."

Our feature brings you the work and an interview with company AD Fleur Darkin who talks about the creation of Process Day and how Scottish Dance Theatre are dealing with our current crazy world.

Dancers: Kieran Brown, Harry Clark, Francesco Ferrari, Amy Hollinshead, Anne-Charlotte Hubert, Alison Jaques, Oscar Perez Romero, Jessie Roberts, James Southward and Astrid Sweeney.

Filmed at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh, August 22nd, 2017

[ Company Website ]

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Heather Walrond Company 'The Rising'

Tuesday, 29 August, 2017 |

Having graduated from NSCD in Leeds just three short years ago choreographer and dancer Heather Walrond is embarking on the full dance company experience featuring her own works "The Rising " and "Coalescence".

In-between the enormous administrative burden of running a company on your own Ms Walrond is travelling the world, making work, booking tours and raising the money to make it all happen. An illustrative case study for new dance makers if ever there was one.

The company tell us this much about 'The Rising';

"Drawing upon influences of Contemporary, Fijian and Maori dance, 'The Rising' is explosive and visceral exploring what makes people feel alive with live music from multi award winning musicians Will McNicol and Luke Selby."

Our feature includes the company's work along with an interview with the dance maker herself where we discuss creating and touring with a new company and doing it all, almost, single handed.

The company is currently not on tour but keep an eye on their website and social media or new details. The rising and 'Coalescence' and performed by Luke Selby Will McNicol, Zoe Bradley, Kayleigh Crook, Heather Walrond, Lewis Bramble, Akeim Buck and Christopher Radford.

Filmed at The House, Plymouth University on July 6th 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Tribe\\ Company 'Still I Rise'

Thursday, 3 August, 2017 |

Tribe\\ Company is a brand new group created by Victoria Fox, a former dancer with Jasmin Vardimon Company and Candoco Dance Company among others. After a few years away from the wide world of dance Ms Fox has returned to create and tour her own work.

'Still I Rise' is a full length piece inspired by a poem by US poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. The company say this much about the work;

A piece for 5 daring female dancers, raw and energetic dance is combined with instinctual physicality, emotive movement and cinematic scenes. A journey begins of simmering unison, stunning partnering work and tender solos all performed with a gut wrenching power.
Pounding rhythms and a haunting cello drive the movement and creates an intense, stark world where hope dies last..... falling down, gathering up, breathing, we let go, we claim back the space together... we rise.
Inspiration drawn from the poem by Maya Angelou. It's powerful and defiant words have an ability to resonate with many people, in many different situations or places in our lives, of struggle and rising up from it, which feels ever more appropriate in our current unsettled world.

The work is not currently touring but check the company website for autumn performances and future tours. 'Still I Rise' is performed by Sabrina Gargano, Caterina Grosoli, Finetta Oliver-Mikolajska, Vivian Luk Wai Shan and Esther Verlaque.

Filmed at the Newcastle Under Lyme College Centre for Performing Arts on July 13th 2017.

[ Company Website ]

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Autin Dance Theatre 'A Positive Life'

Thursday, 27 July, 2017 |

Autin Dance Theatre return to Article19 with their new work 'A Positive Life' created by French, UK based dance maker Johnny Autin. The work is an interactive piece that looks at, among other things, issues surrounding sexual health.

'A Positive Life' doesn't take place in traditional theatre venues instead the audience mingle among the performers and the work happens around them.

The company say this much;

"A Positive Life is an immersive theatre experience inspired by the interpersonal stories of five characters around sex, love and relationships. Featuring dance, physical theatre and spoken word, the original scenography of the piece and the elements of audience interactions will move you and transport you to the heart of the story. The piece runs for 50 minutes and is aimed at young people (11-24) with an uplifting and engaging message on self-love, sexual health topics and sex ed' stories."
"We believe effective sex and relationship education is essential if young people are to make responsible and well informed decisions about their lives. A Positive Life is an original accessible performance that engages with young audiences about issues and stories in a safe environment."

The work is performed by Becca Thomas (Rehearsal Director), Michael Kelland, Katie Albon, Johnny Autin and Jasmine Gardosi and was performed at The mac in Birmingham on June 27th, 2017.

For more information check out the company's website.

[ Company Website ]

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201 Dance Company 'Smother'

Wednesday, 5 July, 2017 |

New to Article19 we have 201 Dance Company led by dance maker Andrea Walker and their work 'Smother', a piece that finished a nationwide tour following rave reviews at the Edinburgh festival fringe last year.

The work is based on a very personal story of a relationship break up experience by Mr Walker. The company tell us this much about the piece;

201's raw, contemporary hip hop returns in Smother: a story of two men's broken encounter. Returning after a sold out Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and acclaimed international tour, Smother touches on themes of addiction, obsession and commitment. Choreographer Andrea Walker directs a cast of seven dancers in a fast-paced, intimate performance, exploring the relationship of two young men.
With Smother, our aim is to present emotionally driven dance-theatre, that presents a gay experience through an urban dance aesthetic in an unapologetic way. It is still rare to see homosexuality explored through hip hop, and we're excited to be bringing this production to theatre audiences and youth groups that might not normally engage with issues around sexual identity.

Although the work is no longer on tour, for the moment, you can catch the company's new piece 'Skin' at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh from August 2nd at the Pleasance venue.

Check their website for full details. 'Smother' is performed by Amy Lucas, Ash Lloyd, Andrea Walker, Dinesh Nirgunananthan, Luca Fracasso, Saran Kohli and Michaela Cisarikova.

Filmed at Dance Lab, Newcastle upon Tyne, May 26 2017

[ Company Website ]

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Mathieu Geffre 'ACT' in Rehearsal

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017 |

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing dance makers, leaving aside funding and touring, is getting into the studio for the very first time as you start to build to ideas for your new piece. That challenge is amplified when you are creating a solo work on yourself.

Mathieu Geffre, formerly a dancer with National Dance Company Wales, is in that position with his new work 'ACT'. We caught up with him in the studio during a week of research and development and spoke with him about the piece, staying motivated and fleshing out an idea when you literally only have yourself to rely on.

The piece in it's the very early stages of development so no touring or performances at the moment but you can keep track of Mr Geffre's process by following him on Twitter at the link below.

Filmed at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on May 18th, 2017.

[ Mathieu Geffre on Twitter ]

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