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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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Here we go dear readers for a quick update on what the companies, at least the ones we could get the skinny on, are up to at the moment with regards to touring, creation and dark plots to take over the world.

Candoco Dance Company

The London based rep company currently have multiple touring strings on the go all at once. Their next show will be in Pully, Switzerland on February 15th with Turning 20 featuring 'Set and Reset (Reset)', 'Looking Back', and 'This is It'.

In addition they also have 'Studies for C' a single piece of work by Javier De Frutos which is also folded into another triple bill called 'Three Acts of Play' that includes 'Set and Reset' (Reset)' and 'Imperfect Storm' by Wendy Houstoun.

Candoco's touring over the coming months will include travel to Holland, Germany and ....... Liverpool!

The company are also touring a mix and match programme featuring one or more of the above works alongside 'In Translation' by Emanuel Gat. Got all of that?

Apart from a very confusing rep structure the company are also working with dance maker Thomas Hauert, but they won't tell us anything about that.

[ Candoco on Tour ]

Retina Dance Company


'Corporalis' from Retina Dance Company

Last year we brought you a feature or two on the massive professional/community project 'Layers of Skin' that brought together local dancers and community dancers for every live show the company did on tour.

The new work is 'Corporalis', a piece that, according to the press blurb, brings together dance and the "built environment'. Preview videos show the dancers messing about with a large reflective metal structure that moves about on the stage about as much as the dancers do. When it come to Retina, that's a lot of movement.

It all kicks off on February 19th at the Playhouse Theatre in Nottingham with national and international touring to follow.

'Layers of Skin' will also continue touring for the foreseeable future so remind yourself of that work with the video below.

[ Retina Tour Schedule ]

Phoenix Dance Theatre

The long running Leeds based company kicked off their "spring" tour last week. 'Particle Velocity' has nothing to do with science at all, we think, but does include works from the company AD Sharon Watson, Douglas Thorpe, Jose Agudo and a work from contemporary dance's very own Dumbledore, Richard Alston.

Gone are the dark days of 'Cattle Call' as the company gets back to actually creating and performing dance work again. Just say no to musical theatre.

Phoenix will be touring around the UK until May, no international dates as yet but check their website for more details.

[ Phoenix Dance Theatre ]

Company Chameleon

The newly minted NPO from Manchester will premiere their new double bill 'Pictures We Make' in Manchester on February 14th which is of course valentine's day. If you're expecting a really bad valentine's day pun in this sentence then you don't know us at all, do you?

'Pictures We Make' features one work from the improbably monikered Goddard/Nixon and a second half created by the company's ADs Antony Missen and Kevin Turner.

Initial tour dates have the company running around until March travelling to Derby, Newcastle upon Tyne and Plymouth. Check their tour dates for a venue near you.

[ Company Chameleon ]



'Just As We Are' bgroup

Ben Wright's small company of dancers are creating a new work at this very moment (depending on when you're reading this) entitled 'Just As We Are'. We have very few details with regard to what this show is about but it's Ben Wright so it probably won't involve a lot of dancing about in pyjamas to Bejamin Britten.

The work kicks off at The Point in Eastleigh on March 7th and then continues touring into April across England stopping off in London, Brighton and Leeds among other places.

[ bgroup Website ]

Richard Alston Dance Company

Dumbledore Richard Alston Dance Company will be running around the country, not literally of course, throughout the Spring performing works with improbable titles for their current tour.

'Buzzing Round the Hunisuccle', 'Shimmer', 'The Devil in the Detail' to name but a few of the pieces that will cover the length and breadth of the country for the middle class masses to lap up.

If lyrical dancing in pyjamas is your thing then check out the tour listing on the company's website.

[ RADC ]

Motionhouse Dance Theatre

The Leamington based dancing folk are currently in the United States touring 'Scattered' up and down the west coast. That particular work has been on tour for about 143 years now and if it doesn't go away soon it could become the Nutcracker of the contemporary world.

Mercifully, the company are set to start a new production soon called 'Broken' which probably won't have a ramp in it. Fingers crossed. 'Broken' premieres on October 2nd at Warwick Arts Centre

[ Motion House Dance Theatre ]

Jasmin Vardimon Company


'Freedom' Jasmin Vardimon Company

Following on from the very heavy antics of '7734' the Israeli dance maker is back on tour right now with a complete change of direction, if the title is anything to go by, called 'Freedom'. Sources close to the production tell us that this work is much more dance orientated than '7734' but don't expect a lot of dancing about in pyjamas to jaunty tunes though.

The company also has JV2 up and running touring across the country with a triple bill featuring works by Mafalda Deville, Tim Casson and Ms Vardimon herself. Appropriately named 'Tomorrow' the work is about showing the dancers and dance makers of tomorrow.... geddit?

Check out the tour dates on the company's website.

[ Jasmin Vardimon Company ]

Scottish Dance Theatre

If there's one thing that we notice from the current tour dates of most dance companies is that they don't go anywhere near Scotland.

Scottish Dance Theatre correct that problem, sort of, by touring almost exclusively in the land of tartan and haggis.

The company has a varied bill of works to tour including 'Winter Again' by Norwegian dance maker Jo Stromgren, 'Innocence' by newly appointed AD Fleur Darkin, a show aimed at small kids up to the age of 7, and 'Second Coming' by Victor Quijada.

Touring kicks off on February 20 at the Dundee Rep Theatre in Scotland and continues until the end of April with dates across Scotland and a couple in England and Wales.

[ Scottish Dance Theatre ]

Verve 2013

The 2013 edition of the graduate company from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance features a repertoire of work from Angus Balbernie, Frauke Requardt, James Wilton and Ben Wright. That particularly diverse range of dance makers will be making their debut with the always talented graduate dancers on March 1 at the Riley Theatre in Leeds before they embark on a tour across the UK. No European dates as yet but they usually manage to get in a few before the end of the run.

While you are waiting for the new tour to kick off remind yourself of the company's previous antics with a look at 'Vertical Road' from Verve 12.

[ Verve Tour Dates ]

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