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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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by Article19

While most folks are stuffing themselves with mince pies (a very British thing) or chocolates of dubious origin from that weird aunt nobody likes who always smells of Dettol we, here in TheLab™, are taking the time (at least 6 minutes) to sift through the masses of worthy recipients to bring you, our dear readers, the awards for 2009.

Winners of the top prizes receive a 1lb block of the cheddar of your choice from our local branch of Tesco. Prizes must be claimed by midnight on January 31st 2009 or no cheese for you!

If you've won a red rosette award then you really don't want to know what you're going to get, just pop your address in an email and we'll make sure you get what's coming to you!

Lofty Achievement in Dance Award

rosetteblue.gif Tilted Productions for 'Trapped' : (weird capitalisation not simulated). Good dance, good theatre, good music, what more do you want? Also, the Guardian reviewer didn't like it, so that automatically means it's good! Also features a previous awards winning dancer in the mix in the guise of Lise Manavit! It's laugh out loud funny in many places and we've never seen so many audience members hanging about to heap praise on the company!

[ Trapped on Article19 ]

Lofty Achievement in Dance Honourable Mention

rosetteblue.gifScottish Dance Theatre 'A Visitation' : Sublime weirdness from the clan McScottish and the Norwegians, in the guise of Ina Christel Johannessen, began their stranglehold on all things contemporary, well sort of! The work features dancers, ghosts and mannequins. Just add a couple of vampires and we're golden! Still waiting for the special edition to be performed in a haunted castle surrounded by fog on a cold Halloween night.

[ SDT on Article19 ]

Lofty Achievement in Dance Performance

rosetteblue.gif Julie Drønen Ekornes : Dancer with Panta Rei in Norway (what did we just say about the Nordic lot taking over?) A dancer with character, skill and strength. Exhibiting all of those characteristics throughout both works from the company during their premiere in Oslo this past October. Each work calls upon very different skills including the ability to play very small pianos very quickly whilst covered in feathers! Try it and see how hard it is!

[ Panta Rei on Article19 ]

Lofty Achievement in Dance Performance Honourable Mention

rosetteblue.gifAnnie Hanauer : US born Candoco dance-smith illustrating a wide range of skills in the company's current tour that features work from Hofesh Shechter (which features Ms Hanauer in a stunning solo section) and Nigel 'Crazy Man' Charnock. A combination that's as eclectic as your likely to get in any company rep and this dancer tackles it with aplomb!

[ Candoco on Article19 ]

The Tony Blair Consummate Pillock Award

rosettered.gifAlistair Spalding : The AD of Sadler's Wells Theatre in London managed to put both feet in his mouth throughout the year and then his tail (all of Beelzebub's minions have tails). First he brings the sexism with his comments about women, then goes off the rails with a self aggrandising "tribute" to fallen dance maker Pina Bausch then does the same with Merce Cunningham and so it goes on.......... Pillock!

The Simon Cowell Smile and It'll All Be OK Award

rosettered.gifArts Council England : During one of Spalding's brain-dead moments, of which there are many, the funding monolith got its knickers so throughly knotted they still haven't managed to change their collective underwear. Probably safe to say that lying your arse off when said lies can be, and were, easily disproven is neither practical nor professional.

The Sarah Palin Self Aggrandising Taken to a Whole New Level Award

rosettered.gifSadler's Wells Theatre : For their hilarious promotional information for their online video library. Touting yourself as "the best dance video on the web" is probably not a good idea when you're spending thousands on low quality flash material featuring video interviews with Christopher "Manchild" Wheeldon broken down into multiple segment to make it look like you have more video than you really do!

The Tiger Woods Bad Choices Biting You on The Arse Award

rosettered.gifDanceXchange : For programming 'Strictly Come Dancing The Professionals' in The IDFB Festival for 2010. The Birmingham based NDA goes off the rails and into "pander to the middle class John Lewis blue cotton shirt brigade" with the most populist pish on planet earth. They can do better and they should do better or they'll end up like Sadler's Wells!

Bring on 2010 and let's see what's what shall we!

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