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Javier Booted from BBC

BBC News is reporting that the BBC (it's always a bit weird when they do that!) is shelving plans to run all four acts of 'In The Spirit of Diaghilev' from its Christmas schedule. The four acts of the performance,...

Published in The EvilImp™ on November 27, 2009 1:25 PM

Stop Laughing At The Back!

Sadler's Wells Theatre makes it back into the headlines, well here at least, after it was discovered they have the "best dance video on the web"! Seriously? Our editor laughed so hard he fell of his chair and broke...

Published in The EvilImp™ on November 17, 2009 5:18 PM

Still Here?

As the world gets metaphorically smaller thanks to the wonder/curse of the internet, online video, free communication systems and the PDF document making print material almost redundant British Dance Edition (BDE), in the eyes of some, is struggling to remain...

Published in The EvilImp™ on October 20, 2009 9:40 AM

Mapping the Money

In a spectacular display of ignorance Arts Council England's, so-called, "Dance Mapping Study" has come to the conclusion the rest of the dance world came to 25 years ago that dancers don't get paid enough. We should either celebrate that...

Published in The EvilImp™ on October 14, 2009 1:00 PM

In Search of the Thoughtful Voice

As a form of communication text messaging has its uses, not very many for sure but it definitely has some practical purpose. Here in TheLab™ we're struggling to think of one but there has to be one, right? In many...

Published in The EvilImp™ on October 3, 2009 2:05 PM

A Bit of A Kicking

The Scottish Government, when it's not spending huge sums of money on really ugly buildings for itself, can also be found spending huge sums of money (£343,000 to be exact) on really bad dance projects. 'Off Kilter' a co-production of...

Published in The EvilImp™ on September 10, 2009 2:49 PM

Trouping About

The sheer volume of insufferable cretins in the dance-world that occupy the higher echelons, self imposed or otherwise, of this particular art form can be readily identified by their use of one single word, that word is "troupe". Everybody's favourite,...

Published in The EvilImp™ on July 30, 2009 4:49 PM

Narcissus Made Whole

It's no secret that here in TheLab™ we have very little time for the current AD of Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, Alistair Spadling. If he's not mouthing off some inscrutable crap about women he's programming some of the most...

Published in The EvilImp™ on July 20, 2009 2:07 PM

Old Man Ashford

John Ashford, out going AD of The Place in London, has taken a parting shot and pretty much everything before he moves on to pastures new in Europe, where the grass is always, always, greener.

Published in The EvilImp™ on June 14, 2009 4:46 PM

The Tangled Web They Weave

On may 11th Alistair Spalding the AD of Sadler's Wells Theatre, quoted in the Guardian newspaper, uttered a couple of sentences that have, over the last few weeks, exposed just how inept large scale arts organisations are at answering simple...

Published in The EvilImp™ on June 4, 2009 12:27 AM

Dance Optional

Browsing around the performing arts podcast section on iTunes we, here in TheLab™, were surprised to see a new entry from those crazy kids at the Royal Opera House in London. The podcast covers the Royal Opera and the Royal...

Published in The EvilImp™ on May 8, 2009 2:59 PM

Money Under The Bed

Arts Council England (ACE) continue their "good christ how bad a week are we having?" with the announcement of a £40Million (GBP) fund to help certain companies in the arts that may or may not be struggling during the current...

Published in The EvilImp™ on May 1, 2009 2:11 PM

Dateline Antwerp

Belgium is home to some of the most hard core creatives in the dance world and now they're taking it to the people with the project below that had 200 participants dancing a very tightly choreographed piece of work in...

Published in The EvilImp™ on May 1, 2009 1:54 PM

Mass Casualties

There are unconfirmed reports that at least 30-40 people have expired while watching Arts Council England's online videos of their recent "Great Art" series of seminars held at the Sage Gateshead in, erm... Gateshead in the North East of...

Published in The EvilImp™ on March 30, 2009 3:04 PM


It would appear that the awards people have been at it again. This curmudgeonly group of tweed wearing, tea drinking, scone scoffing individuals, smelling every so slightly of urine, have once again put their loafer covered feet firmly into their denture laden mouths

Published in The EvilImp™ on March 18, 2009 1:52 PM

Institutionally Bone Idle

On reflection this has not been a good couple of weeks for dance on the internet. The Hofesh thing didn't work, Dance Uploaded TV is no good and now we have Sadler's Wells Theatre (SWT) in London losing the plot...

Published in The EvilImp™ on March 4, 2009 2:17 PM

Ready For A Close Up?

What you are looking at above, and we know you're wondering, is a dancer from Hofesh Shechter [Dance Company]. We're not sure which one it is, it might be the man himself, but it's hard, very hard, to tell....

Published in The EvilImp™ on March 2, 2009 1:13 PM

DanceTV Uploaded! Why Bother?

With their latest attempt to provide an online experience for dance built, so very obviously, by committee we have Chisenhale Dance Space, East London Dance, Greenwich Dance Agency and Laban getting egg all over their collective face with

Published in The EvilImp™ on February 17, 2009 4:53 PM

Don't Be Good!

With Christopher Frayling's whining voice ringing in our ears from the days old story of ACE not getting enough credit for being almost completely useless let's take a look at a scenario from the recent past, shall we! Let's take...

Published in The EvilImp™ on February 6, 2009 3:06 PM

It's Not About You.

The outgoing Chairman of Arts Council England and all around idiot savant Christopher Frayling (who has a Knighthood that we regard as irrelevant so it will not be used here we say) has used his final speech to prove...

Published in The EvilImp™ on February 3, 2009 5:12 PM

Polish Your Noggin

It's silly season again in the arts with a slew of awards shows handing out gongs to the same people they always hand them out to. We've written about this before, and we're getting tired of it!!

Published in The EvilImp™ on January 22, 2009 5:09 PM

Hofesh of the Dance

Is Hofesh Shechter in danger of becoming the contemporary dance equivalent of Michael Flatley? If you don't know who Mr Flatley is then all we shall say is 'Lord of the Dance' and "one trick pony" and leave it at...

Published in The EvilImp™ on January 13, 2009 4:22 PM

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