So. Yesterday saw me at my first audition in a year and a half. I got cut at lunch but it happens and I can't complain, I had a lot of fun! It was the perfect first audition back. It started without a class which instantly made me relax, (the thought of being judged on my ballet technique after over a year is quite terrifying), there was some learning of repertoire, some creating and some improvisation. Tick, tick and tick!

It was a great mix of people with different styles which was really nice. Nobody looked or danced the same and it was a great atmosphere with encouragement from the whole group and the people leading the audition were also very friendly and helpful. All in all it was totally worth it.

I was also called to cover for STOMP (tour) last week in Canterbury and after having not left for more than a month yet I thought that I wouldn't miss anything. But the banter over coffee and Nando's in the green room, tapping on anything that makes a sound in the corridor and the buzz from doing the show is indescribable and touches my heart every time. It really does feel like I am part of a family and I have missed every single one of them (cast and crew) for very different reasons.

It's refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and the appreciation for what you do (or did) is so much more apparent when you step away from it for a while, it's that typical, ' you never know what you have until it's gone' syndrome and it's interesting. I left for my own reasons but never because I lost any love for the show and although I am still loving being back in London I forgot how much I missed banging on my big orange skip, making music with brooms and banging out some beats on my body.


However, this morning I woke up with an ache or pain in every inch of my body. The after-effects of having stomped for a week has left my knees, back and neck feeling double the 26 years that it owns and the 2 hours of improvisation yesterday has added about 5 years for pure mockery.

I also covered for a girl in the STOMP show tonight at the Ambassador's Theater, and
although my body was feeling battered and bruised, when that beginners call was made and the house lights went down, none of it really mattered and I remembered why I chose to work on the stage.

So as I walk home through the dark streets of north London after a week of work and performance. I think about how I am once again in that position of 'struggling dancer', unemployed and living in London. What will tomorrow have in store? Another class to keep my body in check? Another job application? Maybe I'll receive another invite to an audition where I can pray for a hop, skip and a jump into a new job but maybe I'll get an invite and I'll just experience another hop, another skip and another cut.

But before tomorrow comes I'll just settle for a nice glass of red wine.