I'm not the biggest fan of going to the theatre and the reason for this is that I miss the magic that it used to give me. I miss how once upon a time, going to the theatre, meant dressing in something that would maybe compliment a pair of heels. The evening would start with a nice meal somewhere and after I would go on to a bar and talk about how beautiful the whole experience was.

I fear I will never again have that feeling. Going to the theatre slowly turned into was how I would finish my day of training, educating myself in companies. Many of the theatres in london may have seen me in a pair of sweatpants carrying my rucksack from a day of dance, sometimes I would only be there in support for a friend, other times I would go as a reminder as to why I was working my nuts off everyday, and then there are those time where you go because you do actually have an interest in it, but find yourself criticising the whole thing.

light princess.jpgSo when a friend sends me an email saying that he has a spare ticket to see 'The Light Princess' at The National, I am cautious with pinch of optimism and spoonful of scepticism.

The Light Princess, what is it? Why does it ring a bell?

I have been rushing around all day (you know those days where you have been 'playing catch up' since the moment you got out of bed). I was running late, walking briskly along south bank, sweating into my denim shirt and craving a nice red wine.

Soon I am sitting in the tight seat of the Lyttleton Theatre, wine in hand looking upon this beautiful curtain displaying what looks like two magical kingdoms and what could be a scary magical separating the two.

I have no idea what to expect. I have heard of this show but I didn't have time to look it up, my friend was also unsure about what we were about to see however he is more familiar with Tori Amos than myself.

I'm not a reviewer and I am certainly not writing to review this spectacle however, I spent the remainder of the evening sitting up like a meerkat.

I laughed

I cried

I jumped

I was blown away

It was a fairytale on stage. Every little detail, scene, transition was well thought out, every song well articulated. There was narrating, singing, dancing, animation, puppetry, projection and props. There were moments that had the audience 'oooing' and 'ahhhing' laughing out loud and crying (or was that just me). The singing was beautiful, the set was colourful and the accent was british!!! I wasn't sitting in front of some theatre-trained professionals speaking in an accent that isn't theirs.

And there was nothing cheesy about it.

I'm not going to say it was perfect as nothing is. But any little flaws that I or the person who sat next to me could point out are not even worth mentioning... I loved every single second and I'm already looking for the next free date in my diary to see it again.

I read a review from the Financial Times saying that there were a lot of issues that were apparent in the story giving it baggage stating that the show 'sores - but struggles, too, beneath its baggage', but it's a fairytale! That's what they do... they bring these issues to our attention! They bring you up they pull you down, they get you high only to make you cry, while laughing. Then leave you feeling exhausted, shocked and well entertained. Have you never seen a Disney film mr financial times reviewer? They're FULL of issues but the music is well written, and there is something for everybody in there. You wanna write to Walt Disney and tell him that Rapunzel is clearly highlighting child abuse or that Pocahontas has a whole bag of issues that I won't even begin to get into?

Rant over

We are all entitled to our own opinion and mine is, go and see it. Maybe I'm biased as I have a lot that I can relate within this fairytale but 'The Light Princess' bought theatre back to life for me, I've seen a variety of shows in many settings in different countries, I tour the world and perform in the west end, but this...

...I felt like I was a kid again watching 'The Little Mermaid' or 'The Jungle Book' or 'The Lion King' (pick your film) for the first time and I walked out of the theatre on a total high.

[ 'The Light Princess' at the National Theatre ]

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