but WOW did that really happen? The past few weeks being involved in This is The Place have been a complete mad ride. From the research to the rehearsals to getting the show up and now it is finished. I feel in a way that it never happened. I was so into it that I cant believe this time last week we were stressing out. I was starting to like feeling part of something big. Now Im back to being part of the www.Blanc.your.on.your.own.com. Sad times but also very exciting times as I can get back to my regime with a new injection of ambition and drive. I have never been around this amount of inspiring people before. I wanted to sit on their laps and say "Go on tell me everything".

I eventually got to speak to Bob: I said 'Hellooooo' in my (all of a sudden) sweet Irish tone that sounds like a sentence should follow, such as 'Woogd ya lyke a cup of tea der lad' and he said............ 'Hi' in his heavy American twang thats suggested 'Yes I am the friendly king of the castle, but I am about to tech my legend of a piece Forest, you may have heard of it. So would you mind and stop looking at me please. Thankyou'. It was one special moment.

It was really great seeing him work. He really is amazing. I also went to his talk on the Saturday afternoon at The Place which was also the LCDT reunion day. Nothing could have been more fascinating than listening to him and everyone else speak about the company. Kenneth Tharpe and Richard Alston lead the discussion. It was also great hearing their side of it all and realising where they have come from. They are obviously so proud of where they began. Whilst saying that, from everyone, there was a real sense of pride and achievement in the auditorium. An amazing atmosphere.

Bob spoke about Martha Graham "When she moved the room moved". He spoke about his first dance class and just knowing that this what he was to do for the rest of his life. He spoke about when he first met Robin Howard. It was on request by Peggy Harbour who asked Bob to meet Robin because he refused to go and see the Martha Graham show, in which Bob performing at the time. Robin met him at a hotel with his legs off just to try and shock him. If only they knew then that it would be the beginning of a huge life long partnership.

Mop was also there and she spoke about when they first found The Place and they were deciding how big the stage should be and Robin asked Bob by gesturing with his walking sticks and saying "1 stick, 2 sticks, 3 sticks, 4 sticks, 5 sticks?......"

Bob talked about how much he loved lighting and called the theatre a jewellery box. He used a pseudonym called 'Charter' for the programme credits. He shared that once at a show in the Royal Opera House he even wrote a biog for Charter in the programme.

When asked about the future of contemporary dance he simply said "As long as we keep allowing people to do what they do it will be fine". He said "successful work is not about what works but what works well and that is the future its just finding it is the problem".

This was not an ordinary Saturday. Roll on the 50th!!

S x