Monday I start rehearsals for a new project with choreographer Mary Eddowes. We will spend two weeks devising a new show for her street theatre performance of the Weirdy Beardies for festivals during the summer. I am so excited as we will be working with Matt Feerick from Wetpinic Theatre Company. He trained at the Le Coq School and will be teaching us clowning techniques. It is going to be so much fun.

I got the job through someone recommending me an dthen I went and participated in a Wetpicnic clowning workshop so Matt and Mary could check me out. It was a weird way to audition as technically I Paid to audition.... Anyway it doesn't matter because I got the job.

Our first week will be in SouthHill Park Arts Centre and the second week will be at The Point in Eastleigh. I am so excited.

I think Mary is great as she came up with the idea last year and brought it to a few festivals. She then applied for Arts Council Funding and was successful. How cool is that? She is my new hero.