.... into assisting on "This is The Place", directed by Aletta Collins. Old habits die hard as my new regime of taking time for myself and just teaching and taking class has been suspended for a few weeks, but for very good reasons. You do not turn down the opportunity to be involved in such a huge event.

Maybe I should explain what this show is: The Place is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year (as you probably already know). In fact this whole year has been building up to this week, starting on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May with a festival called "Somethings Happening". Over 60 companies will be performing over the weekend. A huge undertaking that is sure not to leave anyone feeling disappointed. Of course the obvious highlight of the weekend is CandoCo's youth company, Cando2 who will be presenting their installation "Dusk" in Founders Studio from 3pm - 4pm* (show times: 3pm, 3.15pm, 3.30pm and 3.45 pm). *Please note these run over sessions 1 and 2. The piece was choreographed by Natalie Ayton and myself. Exciting times.

The following weekend 20th-22nd May Aletta's show will be performed. It is a colossal piece of entertainment and really is going to be HUGE. The show is not intending to be a factual dance history lesson or a reflective look at how far we have come (Go Team Dance!). Instead it is a look at the beginnings from the past and to celebrate how they have created beginnings for the future. It will be personal, anecdotal and a very entertaining.

The artists that are involved are out of this world. This week I will meet (fingers crossed) two dance makers that I LOVE and have done for years. One of which being Victoria Marks, I wrote one of my final essays at LJMU based on her film. The second being Wim Vandekeybus........... STOP THE LIGHTS!! I am quite overwhelmed by the whole thing, but in a real cool exterior kind of way! ;-)

I have not worked so close to artists of this 'calibre' in quite some time, maybe since I apprenticed with SDT. It is so great to be in the studio with Aletta, seeing how she constructs her ideas in to the physical space. On the project there are 4 core dancers who, if you go see the show, you will see quite a lot. Watching these guys too is just great. They all have such amazing careers under their belts and you can see why they are still working. It is very intimidating at times but again in a very cool exterior kind of way. I am really tying to not take any of this time with a pinch of salt. Its so easy when you are in London for the value of something to get diluted because you are surrounded by the best all the time.

I am quite nervous for tech week next week as Lucy, the other assistant, and I turn into stage managers!!! It is an amazing opportunity but something that I haven't done in a long time and not of this high a profile. Their is no room (or time) to mess up.

However I am very excited.

S x