Hey there, I cant believe it's been over a month since I have blogged!! I had a mind block but I am back!! i think my mind is unclogged. Here is a wee peak at what I have been up to:

1. I am now a first aider
2. I performed for Marguerite in a piece called TriAd. Very hard process(in a good way) as it was very technical in the sense it used live projection so everything had its place in time. Quite hard to not mess up but I think we did ok. It got me fit.
3. Took up Bikram yoga and now understand why yoga purists hate it and why everyone told me to never tell the instructor you are a dancer!! I shall explain another time.
4. Taught kids from the age of 5 to 11 for 3 weeks using Lady Gaga music - yeah that's right!! I'm cool and with it.......
5. Began teaching more CandoCo
6. Applied for Choreodrome
7. Got rejected from Choreodrome
8. Decided I am still going to make my piece anyways so stuff choreodrome :-)
9. Been to see loads of community dance shows most namely at gDA and in Hammersmith where one of my students from the CandoCo classes goes.
10. Starting working for gDA assisting 2 of their youth classes on a Saturday (this should have been number 8)
11. Chaperoned for The Place CAT students for their Easter intensive and also stayed at White Lodge for the CAT Royal Ballet School Intensive. (Richmond park is amazing)
12. Nearly got killed by one of the mini bus drivers at the RBS intensive. She loved telling me how she had never driven a van before just as she started screaming that she didn't know where the reverse was on the gear stick. Funny woman.
13. Started doing ballet again. OUCH! Been taking class at Pineapple and Danceworks (yes people i have ventured outside The Place woooooooo!!! about time eh?)
14. Went to see Gecko Physical Theatre Company at the Hammersmith Lyric - Awesome Awesome AAAAAAAWWWWWWESOME! I want to do stuff like that.
15. Been to see lots of Spring Loaded. Well 3 shows and one installation.
- Saw New Art Club (well actually I saw their dress rehearsal as there was an emergency with another CAT chaperon so I had to miss the show buuuut i got the whole theatre and the company to myself. Bargain!!) They have developed their Invisible men show into an Invisible people show was fantastic. Really enjoyed it.
- Saw Nigel Charnock's choreography on a Polish Company. The piece was called Happy. It was very interesting to see this piece after seeing his work he made on CandoCo and doing lots of Charnock inspired workshops. He seems to have a formula that he sticks to. I would like to see another piece and see is this the case. Again though wonderful performers and quite erotic!
- Tonight i am just back from a triple bill which included Company Decalage (what these people can do physically is phenomenal. has to be seen to be believed), Saiko Kino did her Place Prize piece. Stunning, and finally I got to see Wayne Sables Project. I also saw the Angela Woodhouse and Caroline Broadhead installation with the beautiful Stine Nilsen. Very quietly poetic. Beautiful.
16. Started rehearsals for a new piece by Lizzi Giles
17. Learned a piece called 'Im still waiting' by Steve Johnston and I shall be performing it in May in Cambridge and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August as one of the original dancers in unavailable.
18. Done professional class with Sean Feldman at The Place and well, I found my joy again. I love his classes so much.
19. Have decided to move out of my flat in hackney.
20. Went to see the LCDS collaborations- Very high standard was very impressed.
21. Met an ex-leading lady of Riverdance - made my week!
22. Been asked to collaborate with a video artist called Dan Brackenbury. We start rehearsals tomorrow. woo!
23. Taught dance as part of the breakfast club........ hahaha. Earned a buck or 2 before 8.45 woop!
24. Been doing class with Lorena Randi all week. Inspirational is that woman to me. Such a good class

I think I shall stop now. But as you can see the portfolio career is quite getting itself established!!

S x