So I went to the audition and the things I was worrying about before weren't an issue at all. It was really great. Everyone there was recommended by the same person so I knew everyone and it was really relaxed and fun. I had such a good time.

How nice this audition was, made me think of loads of other things that have gone wrong before:

1. How bad is it when they pair you up with someone who really just doesn't get it?? Total audition nightmare. Oh my God so frustrating but there is nothing you can do but just deal with it and try and make it work the best you can in the short space of time that you are given in hope that you might be able to still shine through. Even though YOU KNOW what you are doing is not what they asked!! And because the person you are with is Nelly Nervous and Stumbly MacManus it which makes you all Awkward Annie and Fumbly Fundrawhen you came to performing. So you actually, in fact, make it worse for the other person too. I know with more experience at auditioning you start to chill out and Connie Confident comes out to play.

The flip side of all this is that you hope the director/choroegrapher is sensitive enough to be able to differentiate between nervousness and crapness.

2. When you simply just cant get your head into it. NO matter how you try the material just doesn't go in. The worst thing that keeps happening to me in these situations is I make the same mistake over and over and over again even though you say to yourself Sarah they want a cart wheel not a one legged-hand stand thing (re: Ben Hur audition) (and then you run off cursing yourself out loud...... okay maybe thats just me -re:Ben Hur audition)

3. You wear the wrong clothes or you just aren't comfortable. So spend half the time looking at yourself because your knickers is riding up but you aren't sure if you are over exaggerating or whether it is really noticeably.

4. An issue that came up in this audition when we were asked to do some acting improvisation. ........ and well....... some dancers just don't get it. Im not saying I am some sort of Judy Dench acting expert but I have done theatre up until about 3 years ago so I do know some of the very basics.

Do not block. This means if a situation is offered to you, go with it. Support it. Don't block the other persons idea. Especially in an audition. Even if you want the job so badly. It is rude I say.

Can anyone think of any more?

Anyways this time it was a great experience. This is definitely the kind of work I want to do. I really don't think I will have gotten it based on today as that duet I did was bloody AWFUL. Actually come to think of it I did stumble quite a lot on my solo too. Ha! Oh Lordy, I need to start getting better at these.

S x

PS happy birthday to my blog I am 40 today!!