So make sure you use it well!

I am a true believer in fate and things happening for a reason and I also believe that you can control your own destiny. So why do I always forget these things and rush through life worrying about tomorrow. I need to start remembering what I believe and that the right paths are there for me to see I just need to keep open to them. I think I sometimes make decisions based on what I think will make me happy in a few years time or what will further my career. I never do what will actually make me happy NOW. So no wonder I am a stressed out half the time.

I had a friend who recently got a contract on a certain big show, and whilst rehearsing for it away in Europe she got an email offering her, her dream job that she had auditioned for a few months ago but never heard anything. She made the brave decision to stay where she is because it is making her happy NOW. Yes she could have taken the other bigger, better paid higher profile job but she didn't. I respect her so much for that. I myself at that moment would have probably taken the bigger job!

So in hind sight, my reaction to my last blog is 'forget it, its not the end of the world. If the choreographer wants you again he/she will ask you. Plus you are working with them all summer so the choreographer obviously likes you as a person (which is most important) and how you move. Be happy and look at what you have and not what you want. Life is good'

I think I may have just reached a new transition in one's life.


S x