... classes are the shiz! Awesome! Hard, sometimes heartbreakingly so, but so good for you. She is teaching this week at The Place so get your asses down there. I walk on air when I come out of the studio because I feel so worked. My body and mind feel so alive..... wow I need to shut up (have recently had too many of my lines of my blogs being said back to me- latest one -'I havent been rejected by a job. I've been rejected by a man'- MORTO!) Anyways its Cunningham so get curving (seriously Sarah shut it!...... but I cant help it! I am naturally this sad!.... oh Bumpf talking to myself now!)

Today wasn't particularly good for me at all. I even cried a little with frustration of not being able to nail the last leggy-footy-steppy sequence fast enough. I used to get frustrated like this when I was in college. I think it was because of the pressure I would put on myself to meet my own expectations and it breaks your heart if you dont! ha. I would feel like I had failed myself. So stupid I know! Stop the thoughts Sarah, then maybe the exercise will come easier to you.

Another thing one NEEDS and SHOULD do this week is head down to the Southbank Centre to see CandoCo's youth group perform in a piece called 'Dew', choreographed by Natalie Ayton in collaboration with Zoe Brown with 'assistation' by myself. It really is one of the best youth dance pieces I have ever seen. NO JOKE! On Tuesday we did our first run through and it was stunning. I am very proud of them all for all their own separate achievements. I really do love my job with CandoCo.

Yesterday I felt so overwhelmed with emotion after the rehearsal because they were stunning. They all work so well together as a group and considering this piece is made up of our three separate youth groups who have joined together. Watching some of them and seeing how they have developed over the year is amazing. How much their confidence has grown, how they interact, how they use their bodies is so exciting. Maybe also because I know some of their personally heroic journeys that they have had to make within their very young lives is very humbling and I am so lucky to be able to work with such people.

The performance is at 3pm and is on the Clore Ballroom and its free so come on down. They will be performing it as part of the Find Your Talent day which is a day run and organised by young people. They decided what happens during the day and who performs. I am very excited.

See you there. I will be the one no doubt in the corner blubbing like a proud mammy!

S x