Mirror Maker- Company Nsingo- Choreographed by Lindy Nsingo

Robin Howard Dance Theatre - June 22nd- 8pm

"The first thing we see is slow concentrated walking. The first thing we hear is Disney. Needless to say, not the most average beginning to a contemporary dance piece but the shock intrigues me and draws my imagination closer into Nsingo's work.

This current MA choreographer has clearly chosen her dancers well as their stylistic differences compliment each other with a complete eye feast of movement phrases that swirl and whirl around the stage. However Nisingo's style was evident within the three dancers Faye Adams, Sarah Blanc and Ella Knight and this is what unites the sections of the piece. She clearly is refining and defining her style which at this stage in her career is quite exciting to see. It can only but grow.

With a select few moments of direct audience eye contact and play we contemplate reflection and what we are looking at. What are the dancer's looking at. What do they see? One dancer in particular Sarah Blanc really does embody the style with effortless ease. A revelation to the dance world. A sense of 'there is much more to come' is a constant theme from all involved in the piece.

I look forward to seeing more of Nsingo's work in action."

Don't hate me, you all know you long for the moment your name gets mentioned in a review for positive reasons. Yes it may be a bit arrogant to admit it - true, but as long as you dont let your chest build up to the size of King Kongs' it is a nice buzz!

Come on, you know I am not alone here.

I remember my first one as a professional that actually commented instead of mentioning the cast list was with Cilgwyn Theatre company saying I was 'amusing as one of the monkeys' (thankyou yes yes I know PR heaven for me). This gave me at least an hour of confidence. Nice times!!

However there is one out there that I hate from a Resolution! I did with Organized Chaos. The reviewer said 'Dancers Sarah Blanc and Linda Tabraham are committed performers, though not as precise as the composition demands.' . Ehhhh- harsh Mr. Reviewer since we were dancing how the choreographer wanted us to dance, and if only he knew about the two weeks running up to that show- hell is not a word when you have to rehearse the piece yourself!! Plus Resolution! is about the piece, get off us dancers or say what you want but dint mention names. The internet is a powerful tool.....

S x