... are becoming a daily occurrence here in Edinburgh.

It is my 4th day here (well technically I am on my way back up to Edinburgh but thats not important.) and I have seen so much already. Some good and some not so good. I want to talk about the latter and what my head does when I am sitting watching something that doesn't necessarily grab me, and give me the fuzzy feeling I crave from a great live show.

I drift off and start thinking about what I could do. What kind of work I would like to make and how I could make it. I conjure up these big master pieces that in my head will be spectacular and everyone will definitely love them! I start to feel that if this person was given this opportunity, then SURELY I could too and I would make something better, of course!

I have everything from the rehearsal space to the costumes (and who will make them), the music and dancers, even the audition (???) all sorted. I know exactly where I am going with it. Totally sussed out. Easy Peasy because lets face it -It will be better than what I am watching.

So, yes, I basically turn into an arrogant shit for a half of an hour. I do enjoy my feeling of momentary success. I do feel rather empowered.

Then reality hits (show finishes) and I realise my ideas are just ideas! And I should stop dreaming and start doing. And that the people in front of me have probably been going for years and that it wasn't as easy for them as my dream would proclaim.

NIce while it lasted.

S x