Female, dancer lives in a flat share with people she met on spare room dot com. Busy life, so uses home mainly to sleep in and shower. Leaves early in the morning with a heavy bag which holds the guises of about 20 different careers, comes home and then repeats it all the next day again and again- Pretty normal description of a busy freelancer right?

I love my job and I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. Having graduated nearly 5 years ago *gulps* what continues to surprise me is the adrenalin come downs at the end of a project, whether it be teaching, choreographing, performing or an audition.

I was talking about this with a fellow freelancer, and thank goodness she feels the same way, so I know I am not on my own- I thought I was maybe going mad.

I suppose its finding different tools to help switch off.

In my flat we live like ships in the night, everyone is busy. Good for the shower rota, not for the adrenalin come down rota! So I spend a lot of time speaking to my family and friends to get the pat on the back that I want or just to talk about what went down.

Today, for example, I had an interview which was really hard going and then I went straight into a tech, dress and show with a project I have been working on since January. I went for a wee coca cola (don't tell my dentist) after, which was nice, so I got to relax and 'come down' but sometimes thats not possible.

About 2 weeks ago I had two big projects that I had been working on since last year that were building up to that week. It was always going to be a crazy. I had a show in Manchester and Contemporary Conversations at Move It. By the time Sunday came, my come down was obviously mahoosive. I ended up taking my wee self to the theatre because everyone was busy and the thought of having to go home and sit there until my buzz died down was not the right thing for me at that time. I was buzzing and I needed some way of bringing myself back to earth smoothly.

Anyway, it would be interesting to hear other people's thoughts about how they find their 'adrenalin come downs'.

Maybe this the part of my career when I need to start doing loads of drugs and become constantly inebriated?


S x