'Hey Sarah, how are you?' *gives 2 kisses on cheek*

'Hey yeah Im good. ya know keeping busy *gives a friendly little punch on the shoulder*

and here it comes the dreaded...'So what you up to?' (friggin hate that question)

'Well my next big project is not till April, and so at the moment I am creating a new piece on Cando2 for Refresh which is exciting and doing bits of teaching and admin at The Place along with looking for other performing work."

I have now rehearsed this sentence down to a T. But the truth is I am pretty busy and there are things I am not saying because Im not getting paid now for them- for example I am doing TONS of planning for Inside Dance (Britain's only online Contemporary dance TV show), which I have created with Lucy Field. I am also working on Weirdy Beardies and I am working on You Me Bum Bum Train. So I am crazy busy but because they aren't exactly pay as you go gigs it doesn't register with me to mention them. However from this day forth I shall.

Aside to that it does feel quite good though that I can say 'oh yes I have something coming up'..... but now its the wait that I need to make feel exciting and find more things to do....

It is an art and an art that all of us freelancers need to be good at.

S x