Yes as the title states I need to do my tax return...... and well that's all everyone is talking about the last few days. Everyone has either just done it or needs to do it. I was supposed to do it in July but didn't get around to it! I shall do it on Thursday instead, as I have a busy week this week!

This week pro class is with Wayne Parsons (Richard Alston dancer) and Rachel Mossom (Place Prize 2008). I'm excited! Cunningham here i come(ingham! hahahaha). It will be a nice contrast to the past two weeks classes. I like that about The Place pro morning class- the variation. I train to become who i want to be, and what I want to be is as versatile as I physically can.

I am just back from Resolution! Tonight I saw a slutty nurse, a dirty maid, a panda, a rabbit all in one piece. BONUS! The piece is called Forestillinger and is by Club Fisk. They are an Aerowaves company from Denmark. It was hilarious. Very very good. It was interesting to see this piece in particular as it had a similar vibe to the piece that I was in (A:Version, Laura Jones). They explored a different side of the rehearsal in performance idea that we had talked about but never actually explored. Basically like us they explained what they were going to do then they did 'the piece' in practice clothes and twice again but in different costumes.

Pushing the idea that a piece can have many different takes on it by changing just one aspect (and in this instance- it was the costumes). What would we have thought of it if we had seen it just in the panda and bunny costume. Would it have meant anything? I mean as it stands the movement on its own actually meant nothing in a way. It was a floor pattern and the movements were about moving from the body (or something like that, I cant remember their exact words). So whilst watching it through with the different costumes I tried to pretend that I was watching the piece for the first time and seeing what I thought.

Anyway it was hilarious and the costumes were so unexpected. Genius. Ooooo hey Laura I have an idea for your piece!!! hehehe. Jokes people jokes! chill the pill.

Another piece on tonight was by Fish in a Bowl dance company (Anthony Kurt-Gabel). WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I really enjoyed it. So well crafted. I was worried as I knew he had some amazing technically stunning dancers and a very deep context and I didn't know how it would all come together (I am not suggesting that if you are a technical dancer you cant emote on stage, on the contrary, I'm talking about the choreography). Anyway It did! I was very impressed. Yes I know how can a grand jete mean something but in some ways the piece made it make sense. I went in expecting what I got and well I enjoyed it.

At first I was unsure of who the characters were and why there were 8 dancers. The piece then progressed and it started making sense to me. I know I have a very very vivid imagination that keeps me (in)sane so maybe that helped me get through the performance as I know some people didn't enjoy it for the reasons I mentioned first (technical movement sequences/deep context). i wonder if this is what it is like at a ballet? I have never seen a live ballet before but they always tell a story right? So it is possible.

Anyways loads of food for thought tonight. I really felt I witnessed the beginning of Kurt-Gabel and I am very interested in what he does next. he has some amazing dancers. My friend Katie Lusby was dancing. She is currently apprenticing with Richard Alston Dance Company. She was stunning. So proud. I love having amazingly talented friends. She is one of those people who you have in your class that you look up to and just wish you could dance it like her. She is one of those, yes folks one of those! lol! Pure embarrassing if she reads this!

OK well I'm off now. I have an audition tomorrow! Then rehearsal for my piece. OH the JOYS!

This week has been a bit of a struggle for me as it was quite a quiet week for work and so I had a wee mini panic to myself but I kept trying to be positive. Shouting at myself 'YOU LOVE DANCING SARAH! YOU DO! YOU NEED IT, WANT IT, LIVE FOR IT!'. I dont like being like that. It doesn't happen that often but I prefer to be known as 'Sarah the super fan of her dance life. Totally loves the dance she does'. I had to keep telling myself these feelings are normal so get over it and get your ass to class.

Anyways I AM off this time

NIght NIght

S x