So today I have an audition.

Lets see how i do! Lets see if I have learnt anything from all my other ones. So i am not going to be too pushy or too relaxed. Im just going to be me. However, my star sign for today has slightly freaked me out. I think I may see Micheal Jackson somewhere!

How can I trust my intuition now as my star sign says?..... Okay I need to chill. This audition is slightly different as someone recommended me for it (how nice eh?), which means nothing as I am sure they recommended loads of people but I still hope I do myself justice and not fall on my ass. Or like, what happened yesterday when I was teaching, that my stammer doesn't come back especially because this is a theatre company. But, I should also be relaxed at this idea of someone putting me forward.

You know what though. The most pathetic thing going through my head right now is (This is going to sound so stupid) has the person who has recommended me told them about body shape? Are they expecting a skinny malinky long legs to walk in?

Oh bum! Piou PIou away with those thoughts! Snap Snap. Click Click.!!!! :-z

Off i go! I odnt feel so nervous you know though. Weird. I am dead excited. Hopefully I have picked the right outfit!! haha

S x