My mind is overloaded at the moment. Sometimes i am glad i have this blog because it makes me put my thoughts in order! Sometimes I feel I fill my head up with so much, that I cant find sense in any of it (this probably isn't a surprise to you after reading any of my other blogs!).

In addition we had that crazy Snow Day on Monday when the world stood still for 24hours. Quite amazing. I heart Russia! However instead of getting on with all the things I had to do I just caught up on sleep and hung out with my friend and watched the snow from inside. Plus I managed to get snowed out of my house rather than snowed in!!!! Trust me eh!

Today I took part in a workshop with CandoCo at the Royal Festival Hall based on Hofesh's choreography 'The Perfect Human'. I had a lot of fun. Very nice mixture of people with interesting things to say. All the dancers are great in CandoCo really nice hearing them talk and give an insight into the process that they went through to get where they are in the piece. Tomorrow is a workshop based on Nigel Charnock's piece 'Still'. WOOP!

I taught the Aspire CandoCo youth class on Friday which was wicked! (To explain I am in the process of being trained up as a youth worker for CandoCo so I have been assisting all their youth groups and slowly but surely I am teaching more and more. I LOVE IT.) This is the kind of education work I love doing. My heart is at home here. I have been assisting Natalie Ayton for the past 4 weeks and on Friday I taught her class so I had a bit of a heads up buuuuut her class was wicked and I learnt so much from her she was great.

Tonight after the workshop I also had one of my final rehearsals for my Resolution! piece. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so nervous. I felt like a pro tonight though because I had the Lighting Designer (yes folks i have my own lighting designer- and she is fabulous! ;-) and my composer in tonight. Good Times. It went well and I am feeling optimistic. I had a rehearsal on Sunday and it was tres stressful. So thank Elvis I had one of my closest friends, Ingrid, come in to watch and she was great. She asked very intelligent questions and sorted my head out.

Like Jack said in his Blogfest -an outside eye is so helpful. You must understand I have been doing this piece since July 2008 and working with this idea in my head since about this time last year. My head is already moving onto my next 2 projects. So I was so happy to have Ingrid come in and get me back in track. It is so good to have a friend that you can trust so much that you don't mind them seeing something so raw without feeling self conscious or nervous that they will judge.

If anyone can go to Resolution! this weekend both Friday and Saturday will be good. Robert Guy and Dani Larson are performing on Friday. It will be amazing trust me. Then on Saturday RODA are performong Beast which you can see a snippet of here on Article19 under Mad Dogs Dance Theatre. The dancers are amaZING! Then on Monday we have Jack Webb and Svenga Hamel and then Moxie Brawl on Wednesday.



im off

S x