Hello People of the Article19

So this week Eva Recacha is teaching professional class at The Place. It has been really great. Very physical and movement is so enjoyable to do. Dancing big=Sarah happy!! :-)

Today however I got rather annoyed in class at people who just don't seem to get the concept of spacial awareness!! GRR. What is with that? I mean we all have our on and off days naturally, but seriously when the group have set themselves in space we are in the middle of being counted in and then you jump in, on the 'and 7 and 8', where there is no space and then you dance full out leaving us (well me) to have to mark it so that I don't get hit or hit you. Next time I shall just bang into you ok hahaha! Plus stop picking your nose.

Phew! that's that.

Today I was rehearsing with Lizzi Giles for her MA piece. We hadn't rehearsed in a few weeks and I found it hard remembering stuff which I felt so bad about. Not very professional of me. Thank God for the gift of the camera. Hallelujah! I have about 3 pieces in my head at the moment plus thinking about my new piece plus thinking about the piece I am about to re-do/make on the Space Cadets in Dundee.

No wonder when I went for a massage today, my masseuse couldn't believe how tight my neck and shoulders were (in whimpery voice- 'I work so hard, poor me' hahahaha jokes!)

Cloud Dance Festival is on this weekend. I am hoping to get there Saturday but my bestest mate (who I never see) is down from Leeds and I have been planning to head to the Camden Crawl. Yet loads of my friends are performing- Ah what to do??

I am sure I will decide soon.


S x