Ok I must admit I am loving how people on TV are starting to say the word Contemporary followed by the word Dance, but come on when you say it please actually show a bit of contemporary dance...... lyrcial jazz is NOT and I repeat NOT contemporary dance. And yes Cheryl, I am looking at you. (By the way, Santa got me your album for christmas! Good job). Watch this clip and wait till about 3.11 remaining and listen to Simon and Cheryl's comments. I have to agree with Simon- "I do not know what Squiggly and Diggly were doing"!!! Very funny.

I was watching the end of So You Think You Can Dance last week when Mark Baldwin was in teaching some contemporary lifts at choreography camp and this is what came out. I mean some nice little bits (for GCSE students) but why, just because it is contemporary do you need to look like you are in pain?? And whats with the power ballads. (Correct me if I am wrong- the show chooses the songs and the groups had to choreograph to the song. So its not the dancer's choice). Since when do we as contemporary dancers ever use these kind of songs past the age of 15? Its insulting. Either do it to music that can enhance the movement or don't use any.

I have been working today for Youth Dance England at The Royal Opera House (that bit wasn't important but sounds fancy! ha). It was the second heat in their Young Creatives choreography competition. No offense but some of those young people came up with much more interesting choreography in terms of structure, originality in movement and partner work.

My favourite contemporary dance 'piece' in a commercial world is this by Hofesh.

I like his above the others because it stays true to what he is. Its original and unlike the others it didnt have them moving like trees, or doing a wrap around wrap around into a starfish move or looking in pain! Jeez! It really bothers me.

I have decided that I am going to make something for some TV show or TV show competition this year. Not saying I want to be the Shepherd and the people in the outside world to be my sheep but more of us need to start entering these competitions to show awareness!


Yeah I think I did. Yikes, but if I hear another power ballad with people 'dancing' (ahem, acting out the words) and calling it contemporary, I shall go mad.

I think the beauty of contemporary dance is that there is so many styles and interpretations. I suppose maybe its the language and the 'pronunciation' of some 'movements' that maybe sound the same to an outside eye. In the same respect in hip hop, I sometimes find it hard to distinguish and pick out original moves in a different routines! So maybe that is what it feels like for people who don't watch contemporary very often. Like people thinking there is only one accent in the UK and that everyone sounds like the queen even when they are imitating a Scottish person!


S x

PS Take a look at this bad boy. Not as bad but the ballad will make you gag.