So today I attended the 'Resolution! is over.... so what now?' workshop. And last week I attended 'Funding Bootcamp'. and all I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I need to get my act together. The workshops were led by Eddie Nixon and Teresa Beattie. They gave us so much useful information and gave me a kick up my ass but in the right direction.

Today we worked on our pitch so I am now prepared for any kind of person when they ask me "So what is it you do?". Do you want to hear mine? ok here goes.... eh hem!:

" I am a freelance performer. My background is in physical theatre and I also trained in dance. I perform in a variety of different projects as well as create work for my own company Moxie Brawl"

What do you think? hahaha Not that exciting I KNOW but my problem is I want to, and, do everything. I had a huge long one but apparently a shorter one will raise some questions (aka conversation). Hahaha i know i ahev to do this but it is quite weird for me but I do see why we need to have one. I do also feel that I am better adlibing and now that I have spent the time today thinking about it, I feel it will be easier.

We also thought about our goals and how we are going to achieve them. Full on for the brain, but so good. There was one exercise involving drawing up a big spider-gram and lots of post-its and we had to spill onto the page everything we wanted to do. It made us prioritise and, for some it made them realise that they actually needed to spend time on different areas than they thought or that they actually want to spend more time on achieving different goals. For me it helped me get out all my ideas and see how I can realise them as my head is so full all the time.

I now don't feel the idea of applying to the arts council as daunting but I am no where ready to apply. I have a lot of growing and exploring to do first.

S x