So I am back in London and its back to the norm. Spending my time doing lots of different things. It feels great.

I am back teaching with CandoCo which I Iove and rehearsing with Lizzi Giles. Been doing pro class at The Place. this week on Monday and Tuesday we had Hannes Langolf (currently DV8) and it was fantastic. He likes to move big and does quite a lot of floor work which I like. On the Tuesday we had two musicians which made such a difference. The accompanists that play at The Place are top notch and when you have TWO playing together it makes you feel so amazing. haha. The whole class felt so uplifted at the end and the cheer Hannes and the two musicians (Mark Ball and Femi Oyewole) were given was quite 'victorious'. Nothing else could go wrong that day. Such a good buzz.

Then the day after I took company class with Springs Dance Company ;-) and it was great. I really enjoyed being in that company 'family' environment again. It was different to my everyday professional class environment although I kind of feel like that the few of us that come to class quite regularly at The Place are a little family in ourselves. Two different worlds: the dream world (being in a company) and real world (freelance). Although to be fair though, the real world is not so bad at all. The variety of classes I get for my own personal training is awesome. So both worlds are great.

Todays professional class was by another DV8 member called Ankur Bahl. It was so great. SO great. Very hard and he moved very fast which is what we need. I loved the pace of the class. I missed the first two days because I had rehearsals and was doing company class so I didn't do so well but it was so great.I really recommend his class to everyone. Awesome. Wish I could do it again.

Anyways need to go plan a class. ARRRF!

speak soon

S x