All in Resolution! that is, and I must say I feel the standard is not as high as last year. Come to think of it however, I did see quite a few weekend shows last year which generally have the more recognised and some aerowaves companies. Or maybe that is just my presumption that if you get a weekend slot that means they (the Gods of Dance) really like your idea or you and your past work.

My favourite piece so far was Gertrudis by HitchhikeDance Collective (21st jan) as it was the only piece so far that got me asking questions. For example why the set? Where was the soloist? It was an interesting concept but left me wanting to know more to make sense of the whys. The piece was performed by Louise Mochia and directed by Lola Maury and Alberto Ruiz.

I enjoyed Archana Ballal's piece on 18th Jan. Really easy to watch and had a fusion of classical indian dance. It is fulfilling sometimes to sit back and just enjoy a piece of good dance. It didnt blow me away with questions or anything but she made some good choices within the piece and a nice connection between the physical performers which is always exciting to watch. Another fusion that was really interesting was Entangled by Fusion Dance (go figure!). Choreographers Amir Giles and Tara Pilbrow brought tango into a contemporary world! It was pretty amazing watching their expertise of tango-ness. I was very impressed. The piece, for me, was a section too long but as I have never seen anything like that before I enjoyed the twirling patterns and the swirling chemistry they created.

Another highlight was by Jessie Brett who presented her works in progress piece entitled Fire Shadow Silence. It has made it to the finals of the Welsh Independent Dance's Dance Bytes. I am looking forward to seeing the end product. She has brought us into a really intense world and I love her use of the words and the way it is projected on the back. Some really stunning images and it tells you something about someone. It is based Tina Modotti a Hollywood actress turned photographer. I do feel it has little ways to go with transitions and conveying the full 'picture' but I do feel Jessie is on to it and 'IT' is something really really special.

Letizia Mazzeo I feel also has something really special in her choreography. She graduated from The Place last year (2009) and I have always enjoyed her work in college and her piece Is the grass greener? on Wednesday 20th Jan was again another side to her that I didn't think existed. A really entertaining piece. Her performers were strong making a really simple idea look not only seamless but very embodied and their performances were very thoughtful in a light hearted way. I really liked it.

I performed in a duet called Disconnected on Tuesday (19th Jan) with Organized Chaos choreographed by Lizzi Giles. I am not sure how it went! For us as a company it didn't go so well as we made so many mistakes individually. I didnt notice Linda's and she didnt notice mine. I have never made that many mistakes in that quantity in one show EVER before. They may not have been so noticable to the audience but I feel really deflated after it. I want to do it again to do it like we did it in the dress! ha always the way eh??

The reviews were mixed and seemed to come from two very different angles. One reviewer said that the piece looked like a homage to Rosas Danst Rosas but a cheap imitation and the other reviewer appreciated the energy of the piece but not the costumes haha (they were the best costumes ever in that we were basically wearing rehearsal gear just synchronised in colour. Comfortable with a capital Comfort).

The worst thing about doing a duet and being reviewed is that you cant hide. Of course your names get mentioned, you just have to hope what they say is good. One reviewer said that Linda and I were not sharp enough for the composition but yet we were very committed. This stung a little. Even though the other reviewer said nice things and being committed is a good thing to be said about you too, however it is still on record that we weren't sharp enough. I think he was right though the mistakes or the knowledge we were making mistakes must have shown and although we committed to the choices we were making it obviously showed.

I know reviews are all subjective but its slightly heart wrenching when you know the bad stuff is true! Ha! oh my. Anyways, as you can tell I am SOOOOOO over it now. I am performing this Friday 29th January at the V&A in a piece entitled No Yesterdays on the Road Ahead> at 7pm. 8.05pm and 9.10pm! Be there. The piece has been choreographed by Jessie Brett in collaboration with Elizabeth Hurt and original music by Jered Sorkin. I am very excited about it.

Highlights of the last half of Resolution! woudl ahve to be Ellie Sikorski this Wednesday 27th and Air Punch on February 9th!! Woo. I wonder who you might see in that.....

S x