Is the name of the new piece I am making in collaboration with dance artist Kirsty Arnold. It has been commissioned by Orlean House Gallery for the En Route part of their Locate festival (Richmond's Site Specific Dance Festival).

The brief was to come up with a proposal of a new piece that would be performed some where along Richmond's riverside. We automatically started to look up the history of the Riverside and this is a basic outline of our proposal:

Theme: History of the people of Richmond Riverside. Two London Transport clippies from the 601 trolleybus service having lunch on a bench in between shifts.

Photo below: Joan and Pamela Randell, in 1943.

"We are interested in thinking about the past and bringing it to the present. Who else has sat on the same bench that we sit on every day? Who took the same bus as me 60years ago? Do our everyday routines perhaps echo the same routine as someone else from 60years ago? What are the differences in us as people and also in what we physically see in the landscape.

We plan to explore this theme by using character-based exercises and building traits created from these tasks into movement and gestures. We would like to give a sense of the past and the people who used to occupy the space by throwing the audience perceptions of who is in the space through our sound.

We feel the audience will be able to be part of the experience if they choose to be up close or if they decide to be a bit further back. We hope to be able to bring them into our space to experience the show and not just watch it. Maybe to them it is a place that everyday they visit or pass through but we want them to leave thinking and seeing about the riverside in a different way."

So far it has been a really smooth ride and I never thought that I could find working with someone else to be this easy. However I have, and its great. We have both creatively bounced off each other's ideas and the piece has just come together. NOT finished at all but nearly there. One week to go.

if you fancy popping down and seeing our duet, the performance will take place Saturday 24th july 2010 in regular intervals between 1pm and 4pm. Our location is right beside Gaucho's restaurant on the riverside. The two other companies performing on the riverside that day are Miks and Base Dance

Be there,

S x