... is the name of the piece I performed last night by Animated State Dance Theatre Company at the Imagine Festival in Waterford, Ireland.

I spent all September here in Ireland working with choreographer Libby Seward. The piece was a duet performed by Eoin Lynch and myself. It was a fun experience to say the least. the show was bonkers- bubble wrap sex, euclidean space, shoes, fishing, gnomes, phones, dog walking, lots of talking and generally jumping around like a pair of weirdos. Perfection.

One thing that was special about last night was that most of my family came to watch, including my nieces and my sister's husbands who have never seen me dance before. Exciting times. I think they were suitably amused and weirded out in equal measure.

The show was, as the title suggests, about serendipitous happenings. (I personally am not totally enthused by the title, but who am I to say that?) We worked for the first week on different images that Libby brought to the table and then she structured it together. It was a weird process in the sense that the tasks felt quite disjointed and Eoin and myself had to trust Libby with our everything and just ride this crazy train of a process. Which I know is not new to any process but this one felt quite risky at times hahaha!

It is sometimes hard as a performer to give this trust and to really go with the choreographer/director and trust that your integrity with still still be intact when the show goes up. In this instance there was always a dialogue so I knew I was safe and there was always a door open to dialogue with Libby if needed.

Hopefully we will get to develop and perform the piece again in the future. Fingers crossed for that. This is my second time working with ASDTC and it is nice to come back to familiar territory and work with Libby and Eoin again.

S x