After reading Emma's blog about variety being the spice of life it got me thinking about the range of things that I do from my day to day life. At the moment I cant remember what I did yesterday let alone what I am doing tomorrow. My diary has become my PA. Without it I would be screwed (cringe!).

Today for example in the morning I was teaching company class for Stop Gap in Farnham then I had rehearsal in Haringey and then yoga in Shoreditch. OK it doesnt sound so much but ya know thats 3 different heads I had to find plus 6 hours of my day today was travelling. Tomorrow isn't so bad I am doing class (which is supposed to after a morning jog with my two buds Mina and Oana, but we shall see.....) then a meeting about a job then I head to Deptford to be with CandoCo Youth Dance as we are performing our piece 'Dew' in the evening at The Albany Theatre.

Then Saturday I am teaching in the morning, then seeing Aida choreographed by Fin Walker at the Royal Opera House. I am soooooooo excited about this. I have quite a few friends in it and its a huge thing. I feel famous just by knowing them! HA but it is a dream job, apart from the whole topless part!! However its all for the art and the art is by Fin Walker. That is cool.

But last week I was working with the CAT team at The Place during their Easter Intensive and the week before that I was in Whitelodge with YDE for their Young Creative's week which culminated in a night at the Linbury studio. Lucky young people.

Also I am continuing my Dance Awareness - Last night I went to see Rick Nodine and Neat Timothy at The Place. All I can say is Gabrielle Reuter. She is awesome. I have heard her name so many times and even danced with her in contact classes but didnt know she was who she was. Such a great performer. I am so glad I have booked my ticket to see her piece Relay which is part of Spring Loaded (but the show is off site).

This week professional class is by Ankhur Bahl. It is AWESOME. Such a wake up call. Perfect class to start me in my new life as a paid dancer. It is fresh, fast, juicy, challenging and he doesn't let you get away with anything. You are sweating in a half hour. That doesn't sound so abnormal but you would be surprised sometimes with some teachers. Anyways Ankhurs class come highly recommended by me.It has a good balance of floor work, technicality and travelling. He has immense time management skills.

Cant wait for tomorrow.

I am enjoying my new life.

Gloat over and out.

S x