After watching fellow blogger and good friend Jack Webb on stage last night as part of Resolution! I am envious of the drama he created and jealous that mine doesn't do the same.

That aside, if I was to be totally honest I am absolutely petrified about tonight and really it is just because I am scared of what people are going to think. The piece is so raw and after watching it in the tech today I have so much going on in my mind that I want to readjust and puff out and generally give it an extra layer of drama. I would normally have had many people in to give feedback but because of all the dancer drama I ran out of time.

I trust my dancers and the amazing team around me but I cant help but feel that I am not ready for tonight...... I don't think I am ready to be judged (ahem.... reviewed) yet. I wonder what do more established choreographers do in this situation, would they have cancelled the show if they didn't feel it was right yet? Would they make sure everyone knows they lost a dancer a week ago or would they just get on with it?

Am I just making excuses?

Anyways it is now 17.14pm and we are on in less than 3 hours. Whatever is going to happen there is no stopping it now.


S x