At the moment I am creating a new piece on Cando2 for ReFresh. It is so nice to be invited back to work with the youth company.

Just incase some of you don't know what ReFresh is I shall tell you: It is a youth dance platform run by Sadler's Wells London Youth Dance and The Place. Six youth companies get selected and they each choose music at random out of a hat. The pieces of music are selected by 6 established choreographers. This year's choreographers who chose music for the youth companies are Kate Prince, Richard Alston, Mark Baldwin, Frauke Requardt, Tom Roden and Russell Maliphant. The best part of the process is that the choreographers get mentored by the one and only Kerry Nicholls.

Cando2 were given Kate Prince of Zoonation! Yes pop and hip hop! Her choice was the one I was hoping not to get only because it is something that I would never normally choose. It has been a great challenge so far but I think I am getting my head around the idea now. (We had an intensive just before Christmas and I am just editing our video blog which I shall share with you all.)

What I found interesting was how I was trying so hard to not be literal with the words of the songs. Alas you cant ignore them, so we have just gone with it. What I am battling with now is trying to keep an objective eye because the potential for cheesiness is so high. I am trying to find ways of either avoiding it or how I can go with it but still try and save some integrity..... hahaha watch this space is all I can say