Tis' the season to wave a tearful goodbye to Big Brother so thank God I can continue my voting and speculating with the Place Prize, and heck I am going to enjoy it. It seems really unfair to compare work of artists who have completely different agendas and ways of making and presenting work but you can and you have to- it may not be Big Brother but it is The Place Prize after all.

First up in the series we had Brian Dowling in the form of Saju Hari's piece that is. A strong start to the season. However like Brian the piece just plays it safe, sitting on the fence with no big surprises or anything new or exciting but nice to watch all the same. Unlike Brian who remains on top throughout his series, Saju's piece seems like it could be a strong contender at first, untill the Davina McCall of a piece comes along in the form of piece four- Frauke and Freddie's collaboration.

It was just fantastic, a total revelation. This piece is everything I could ever want and need. It was physical, funny, theatrical and so well packaged. I certainly wouldn't mind this piece representing what British dance is about. In fact they can have my country too! (thats Ireland for those who don't know). They brought you into a world full of senses with a carnival style popcorn making machine creating an aromatic atmosphere, which was even equipped with its own candy striped canopy. My favourite part of the piece was the feeling that I was involved and experiencing something with them with effective lighting.

The two housemates that slipped through my fingers were NIcky as Dane Hurst's triumphant and almost scary group piece that he performed as a solo and the undefined but yet deeply thought out piece by Vera Tussing's. I don't think there was a housemate like it. Unless I could say it was like Jade because I personally liked Jade and I enjoyed watching her outside of Big Brother. So in that sense I look forward to seeing what Vera does with the piece. It was beautiful how she used the space and stretched the theatre with sound. However it didn't build enough for me but maybe it wasn't supposed to. I liked it but maybe not in this context.

Hurst's piece although spectacular was a little bit too much of a mixed bag of ideas, kind of like all thr intense mood swings of Nicky. One moment Mr. Hurst shoots onto the stage flailing a lamp shade about the next we have pyrotechnics. Amazing to watch but also unbelieveable at the same time..... like Nicky.

So let speculation of the Semi-finals begin. Who wins - you decide.....

How exciting aaah!

Dance Geek! x