I love Place Prize. Its always a great time to be around the building. Getting to know new faces, new energies. This year is very exciting. In the pot are people I have never heard of along with some well known faces and names. I think thats pretty cool and that is what Place Prize is all about, in my my opinion.

The commissioned artists are:
Ricardo Buscarini & Antonio de la Fe Guedes - Don't know their choreographic work but know them from The Place. Two very engaging performers and really nice people.
Conor Doyle Heard so much about this man. Want to see it for myself.
Ben Duke & Raquel Meseguer (Lost Dog) - Well this is exciting! I really like their work.
Darren Ellis - Awesome! I like Darren. I have seen a few pieces from him and he always seem to develop and try different things. He has a good mind and a really open nature. Probably one of my favourites this year.
Simon Ellis - Really liked his 2009 Place Prize commissioned piece. Looking forward to this one.
Robby Graham (Bad Taste Cru) - Dont know who dis iz but I cant wait to find out? I think this is a huge thing for this competition. Why not I say!
Henrietta Hale - Awesome. Again I dont know her work but I seen her perform in Dog Kennel HIll Project (so I suppose I have seen her work) and her classes are really well rounded mentally and physically. An interesting person
Saju Hari - Heard nice things but again dont know her.
Dane Hurst - beautiful to look at on stage. looking forward to seeing his choreography
Vangelis Legakis - I think he was a hit during choreodrome last year not sure.
Deborah Light- This, I think, will be the Jilka piece of this years competition.
Rachel Lopez de la Nieta - This will be good. I can see it now.
Drew McOnie - Good guy. Good energy. Dont know his choreographic work. But
Freddie Opoku Addaie & Frauke Requardt - What a dream duo? This is going to be a big highlight. I can see it now.
Eva Recacha - How exciting? Eva taught me LCDS. This is so great. Again I havent seen her choreography but she always uses interesting dancers.
Vera Tussing I know nada.

I am genuinely really excited! A really diverse and strong group. I wish them all good luck. I suppose all of us dancers now have to wait for the auditions to come up. Ha! 16 choreographers given money to employ dancers and collaborators. This kind of thing can only be seen as a positive.

S x