Watch this and then watch this

So much fun!

Choregraphed by Dani Larsen
Danced by Victoria Hammond, Hannah Hulford, Sarah Blanc, Robert Guy, Graham Adey and Chris Owen.

In the Girls Aloud piece I am the pink lady and in the boys piece I am Rob's (aka Teen Wolf) hands.

I really had so much fun doing it. This is what a freelance career is about. Sunday evening I was performing, Monday I was working in a bar, Tuesday on a reception, Wednesday I was rehearsing, Thursday- shopping ;-), and Friday I am on my way to Elstree Studios, to create and film a Big Brother task- WOO!! NIce being 'famous' for a day and being treated like a star. You don't get that in the contemporary dance world. Waited on hand and foot. Food and drink at your disposbale. Runners at your beckon call! Friggin loved it ....... dahling!

Also it was nice, once it had been aired being famous amongst my friends and family. ha! It kind of raised a few thoughts for me as for the first time my family got excited about something I was doing! I think they wish this is the kind of thing I could do all the time. I mean, I can see why- being on telly is exciting and everyone (most people) want to be part of that world. And me being on it makes them closer to it. I know I would love to be on TV all the time. ha! True. I used to do lots of production and little acting and presenting things when I was younger as well as extra work. Friday made me remember how much I loved it.

From my family, I always get in inundated with questions like "So when will you be on TV?" or "When will you be dancing for Britney" or "Would you not like to do that pop stuff, wouldn't it be more exciting??"

And my answers are always "Probably never", "probably never", and "Yes but hey what can you do, I dont do it."

It was funny because on my facebook I was getting lots of messages saying well done, so great, congratulations. I do not mean to undermine these kind thoughts and gestures at all and i do appreciate them really I do. But why couldnt my sister have sent a mass email with a link to my latest piece at Cloud Dance Festival? (post-festival interview coming soon).

Bless my family though, they came to see Scottish Dance Theatre in Ireland once when I was working with them, and they just couldn't understand it. I have also showed them clips of me dancing and also some stuff that I have made and well they just laughed.....!!

Good to know though that finally I have validated myself to them!! hahaha!

More of this kind of work please me thinks. (always good to earn browning points........ and feel special!)

You know what, as I write this, i am starting to think maybe its not too late........

Wow I think i have let it all go to my head! haha! love it.

S x

(no nasty comments please, il be over it in a couple of days)