So I have been back from Edinburgh for a few days now and I am finding it hard to adjust back to my life here in London. Its really busy and did you know people are rude?? haha. I have lived in such a little bubble for the past two and a half weeks that being back here and speaking to people outside of the company that I was keeping is feeling quite strange.

In Edinburgh you are around performers ALL the time and I think I was in constant performing mode. Anyone who laughed at me or gave me a bit of attention I was all over it like a mouse to my kitchen!

It was also a bit of a holiday away from the trials and tribulations of life here in the freelance dance world of London. I was away from 'home' so all I had to do was perform up there, no teaching work or bar work. I was a proper performer just doing class and performing everyday (as well as flyering my posterior off). To think about it, because of all the flyering I suppose the performer in me was constantly switched on. My adrenalin tap was left on.

Its funny how we can get ourselves in these kind of ruts. I am moving house at the moment and so I am staying with another cast member (Lola) for a few days till I get sorted and I am so happy we have this week to integrate ourselves back into society, literally. We are walking around in a daze most of the time. We have even continued going to see shows, just to ease ourselves back as we were constantly seeing stuff!

In our wee haze of life we realised that there is so much we never go and see, so Lola and I have started our own theatre club. We have already done The Observer at The National and a clowning/street theatre piece also at The National and we are booked into Southwark Playhouse next week.

I don't want this wee bubble to burst but I know it has to as I start rehearsals next week with Cilgywn!! I even went to a meeting and then left all my notes on the bus home. So not with it and although I am in no rush to get out of my make believe world I need to shake it off fast.

Its only been a 3 days since being back but feels like a dream in a very present kind of way.... weird I know.

S x