Another weird day today. went to an open audition and well it was not fun AT ALL!

Its a weird one. There was about 75 (maybe more) people there at the beginning. The most annoying thing was that the audition was full of students and people who actually couldn't do the job because of other commitments so that for one just frustrated me.

On the other hand of course they should audition for experience or for getting their faces shown for future projects but, I don't know, I just found it very frustrating. NO space and the movement was big and well it was clear they needed a certain type of dancer so why not pre-select. BUUUUUT if they did that then I would be complaining that that's not fair. Its a no win situation. I suppose there is no definite right way to do these things is there? Either way people will be disappointed or feel let down by either process. It must be just as tough for the choreographers. Trying to be fair and see as many people as possible.

The audition was for Codigno Dance Project, and they are developing a new piece called Kings Cross. The contract would include lots of time in Portugal. WOOP! Pedro the choreographer was so lovely and really wanted everyone to have a fair chance. He didn't cut anyone. EVERYONE got the chance to be seen to the end. I admire him for that. He even gave corrections. Really tried to see everyone. The movement was great. A dream audition situation, in theory, and I genuinely can't wait to see the piece. I hope they tour it to London

I didn't find the audition it fun though. And I find everything fun. I think I am becoming normal and realistic and not so naive! aaaaaah! It's like I remember someone telling me when I was younger that one day I will want to get paid for performing and I was like 'No, no i would do this for free forever I love it, hahahhaha oh how times change. I mean of course I think I have a couple more years of doing things for free/expenses of course I have only just graduated but I know now I wont do that forever. Wow never ever thought I would say that. I wanted to walk out today instead of just giving it a lash. My dancer guilt kept me in there though. Didn't want to feel like a failure! haha oh my!

Ah well another reality check. Getting too many of them these days!


S x