This is The Place opens tomorrow night and I am so excited. Im not nervous anymore as I will not be doing what I thought I would be doing backstage. So at least I can relax a bit...... well maybe that is until I go in an hour and discover mayhem.

My celebrity hunt is going well. I was in the same room as Robert Cohan on Sunday and stood next to him on Monday. Maybe I may speak to him today!! oooh!

Yesterday I met Victoria Marks. She now knows my name (fact) and I went to Pret and bought her an espresso (fact) so basically we are chums for life (fact)! No joke..... hehe. She was working on one of her pieces that will be brought back for the show. It is goosebumple material. It is going to be stunning. Victoria (or Vic to me) has such an amazing way of speaking about things. It was such an honour to hear her talk about her work and give notes. She would spot it mile off if a moment was out of place. I suppose that isn't so surprising as it is her work however it still impressed me.

Michael Small was in rehearsing a piece by Tom Jobe that the third years are doing and again it was amazing to hear him talk about the past an how they did things. The way he explained ideas was so simple but yet so full of information. I wish I could have been there for all of their rehearsal. He also did a few demonstrations (not a formal one, just in passing during his conversations with the students- as one does) of some amazing Graham postures and is very evident that he still has a centre of steal.

It so clear why all these artists are so respected. The wealth of knowledge that they own and how they are so open to sharing it is so inspiring. It is also so clear that the The Place and LCDT was such a great time for them and how they still hold it very close to their hearts.

Aletta was also putting the finishing touches on her little bits which have been made specifically for the show. They are really great. I want to say more about the show but I I dont want to spoil it for anybody but also I am not sure what has been made public or not. I will say one thing though- You may see a bit of the Blanc on stage. Yes thats right! You may catch me doing a bit of performing at the back in one of the sections. Aletta announced it yesterday but it was too late to put in the press releases so you heard it first here.

Anyways off I go...

Black clothes- Check

My wits- Check

Rescue Remedy- Check

Autograph book..... too much?- Check

S x