So hello

ONLY 2 SLEEPS TILL MY RESOLUTION DEBUT! lol. Laura Jones' piece is on this Saturday 10th January entitled A:Version.

And guess what else is on this Saturday. guess..... come on.... as if you don't know!!! ok i'll tell you - It's the Retina audition!! WOO WOO

Everyone I speak to is speaking about it so funny. Well not funny, but you know what I mean. I can only do an hour of mine as I have the tech for Laura's piece but Im still going! haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE with ALL my heart, Retina and Fillip's work but I know now is not my time. I have accepted it! haha. I will dance for him one day. (very bold statement but its just the truth, hahahaa oh i love being me.) Na but honestly it is one of my dreams as one would say.

I first met him in Dundee when he was choreographing on the school up there. I was currently doing stuff with SDT so could only take class with him a couple of times. Then when he came to The Place to choreograph on Edge (awesome piece) he let me take class with him and well he was just soooooo nice! It just proves that no matter how big you get, your ego doesn't have to grow bigger ya know?

My overall experiences so far have been the higher the people that I meet are the nicer the nicer they are. Good to know. I mean I know there are exceptions and I know different people see different sides of different people (phew! i just wanted to clear that up before I started another Rafael cyber fight! hehe!)

Anyways I am in my new flat settling in. Im living with an Irish musician, a Scottish sound engineer, a Swedish illustrator/musician/religion student, an English banking person, a Slovakian trainee masseuse (BINGO!) and her Italian boyfriend! Quite nice place but still not worth the money but I suppose thats London!

Have had a indescribable week coming up to the show/audition. It was apparently the saddest week of the year. Glad I wasn't affected. I just floated along. It was my first week back with CandoCo assisting and also first week back for Professional Classes at The Place.

Other than that all I did was move into my new house and started rehearsals for an MA piece that I am by Lizzie Giles. I also proper hit body conditioning and guess what lost 2 pounds WOOOOOOOO!!!!. Each day I weigh myself in the morning after class and then later on and well I am 'pure like so skinny' in the morning weigh ins and a huge heifer in the evenings (obviously) but anyways I am a loser as they say....... hahahah ok im going to shut up now before I start sounding pro Anna and all that malarky. (btw have you ever read any of their blogs??? scary)

OK well until the next time BE SAFE and see ye all at the Retina audition! its the place to be this Saturday! lol. i'Il be the one who is looking 2 lbs lighter! You will defo know who I am! hahahaha


S x