Just heard about poor Patrick Swayze losing his battle to cancer! Cancer is a shit isnt it? I wish dance could cure it! Lol! Wouldn't it be great?

I dont know why I am so boiled over with what almost feels like grief but WOW Patrick Swayze is dying! Dirty Dancing was one of those films that we all watched and tried to copy the dance moves when we were younger shouting "No-body puts baby in the corner" or "This is my space and this is yours" (mis-quote) There he was talking about negative and positive space whether he knew it or not!

I think I feel like this because I was on a training day with CandoCo on Tuesday up in their studio in Aspire, Stanmore. Aspire is a big rehabilitation centre. Amazing facilities. On my way up I was speaking to this old lady who was going up to visit her son who had cancer in the leg and therefore was at The Orthapedic Hospital as they specialise in limbs and all that shebazz. However they gave him a walker but he fell so he broke a hip. Then a wheelchair which he fell out of and broke his nose. Horrendous stuff

Anyways she was telling me his story of how he has been in hospital getting treatment for 7 weeks and now they found out the cancer has spread to his lungs. So this dude is lying there and there is nothing more they can do for him. I just felt so awful for his mum. She must have been about 80 or more. Her son is 54. Really pulled on my heart strings ya know? :-(

Just weird how in a building right next to the hospital, where he lies awaiting his fate to deliver what ever comes next, we were all dancing about delving into the complex realms of the Nigel Charnock process. I mean how selfish?? lol.

Why dance? Why cant I be a doctor or do something that can change the world? Is being a dancer and loving performing a really selfish thing. Why perform? What difference am I going to make? Do I need to make a difference?

I suppose my answer really is that I love it and need it. Is that enough? Why do I need it?

Ah Bah! Maybe I can do something that combine both.

Thinking cap is on!

Anyways just needed to get that out of me


S x