Merry Christmas! Finally I am saying it and feeling it!

I got back from Dundee on Thursday night and was straight into rehearsals on Friday for Laura Jones. I am performing in her Resolution! 2009 piece called A:Version which will be performed on the 10th January. I found it very hard to adjust myself back to London and also to being a dancer and not a choreographer. Well i very much welcomed dancing again. Heavenly! Its where I belong but I think because it was such a quick turn around that my mind felt a little homesick for about a day but I had to just keep going. I have a feeling its always going to be like this as I go from job to job.

SOooo how did Hard rain go?

For those who dont know: Hard Rain was the piece I co-choreographed with Peter Royston the Director of the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. It was also my very first commissioned piece of work which we created on the HND and Degree students. Neil filmed it on Wednesday and so it will be up on Article19 soon. Watch this space!

It went very well especially the second night. The first night wasn't very smooth technically. I think the second night the piece seemed to flow together more. we ahd a live band called Whiteheath and so it made it hard to flow into a recorded track as a natural reaction to any piece of live music is to clap so it made it quite disjointed but on the second night we nailed it I think and feel. I was very happy. I really enjoyed working with Peter although I felt a little weird at the begnning him being the director of the school I used to study in but he was very supportive an dbefore you knew it we were slagging off each other's sections. So it was great!!

It was a very interesting process. We worked very separately and basically came together to create transitions between our sections and make sense of it all as we both knew where we starting off from.

i used the same design element that I am using for my Resolution! piece (Wed 11th Feb)entitled Didn't you Know? (newspapers on teh stage, purple costumes) which is a decision I never normally would have made because I dont like to over do things! However I feel it has been so valuable.

You see, I created my Resolution! piece during summer 2008 during a residency at Clarence Mews studio in hackney and performed it at Cloud Dance Festival in September. Itself was actually a development of a piece I had started whilst studying at The Place. My feedback for that piece was why did you use newspapers? what do they mean? And each time I would give my answers. Now looking back I didnt really use the papers at all, they just dressed the stage really. I just didnt get that I wasnt justifying my reasons ENOUGH!.

So when deciding what we were going to do for this piece (Hard rain) I knew I would get time to explore the concept more and well that is just what I did. Now I understand why people asked me why. Sooo now when I go to rehearse my Resolution piece again I know what I have to do. Glorious Intervention!

So as the title goes I am not a one trick pony. Its good to delve deeper sometimes. lol! well tahts my excuse.

I hope you ahve a lovely Christmas and I will speak to you all soon

S x