After many years of trying to impress New Art Club, I think the time finally came when I (Chazza) won best dressed alongside my team member Beth (Mazza), at their recent show at The Place. Their show entitled This Is Now is based on a Now Thats What I Call Music 1983 cassette tape, and the audience were asked to come dressed appropriately.

And well I never like to disappoint, especially when a prize is up for grabs. Here we are with Tom and Madonna:


I think I may have also made The Place staff email of the week. My excitement of this kind of recognition is all I could have ever wanted and well, words would fail to comprehend such a triumph. I would like to thank my mother, madonna, Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster..........

However on a downside, what slightly scared me was that some people thought I could have been dressing for real. Hmmmmm I mean I know I am sometimes a little out there but really? Was I secretly trying to un-supress my dream of being part of this club:

Maybe admitting that I actually owned both our outfits wasn't the most clever thing to do. However in my defence I would never wear them all together and I only bought those trainers to impress a boy, which I had already broken up with, so in hindsight that was a dumb move. So at least I got some wear out of them!

Anyways if you get a chance to see this show, I highly recommend it. Here are the remaining dates for this show:

24 November 2010
Leeds Met Gallery and Studio Theatre @ Northern Ballet
This Is Now

14 January 2011
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
This Is Now
024 7655 3055

I first saw this show last year at Edinburgh Fringe and it was cool to see it again and on a proper dance stage. During one of Tom's scenes he reincarnates an O Level dance routine- Hilarious! Ah I love them it.

S x