I have been in Dundee the past two weeks choreographing and whilst there New Art Club were performing their Extraordinary World piece at Dundee Rep Theatre. I saw this piece last year at Edinburgh Fringe Festival but it was great to see it again in a big theatre space and not in a small fringe venue. As always I really enjoyed their show.

I also saw their new show Invisible People at Spring Loaded in London about 3 weeks ago and becuase I normally see them around The Place I am starting to feel a bit like their groupie!! This feeling made me feel quite uncomfortable when they walked out of their changing room last week and well I was there.... again! I know its probably all in my head and they probably don't even notice me (apart from being the only person watching their dress rehearsal a few weeks back because I couldn't make the show and was devastated and had about 5 people trying to get me in to see the dress run!!..... not that I am obsessed or anything.... haha jokes! I had lots of friends in the show too).

I started having flashbacks of when I was about 14/15 and I joined my older sister who would go up to Dublin and follow popstars around. This time was Gary Barlow's turn. Being a Take That fan I was excited to finally meet this legend....!! So we went from hotel to hotel trying to find out where he was, then we got word (yes folks, these girls are of MI5 standard... scary) he would be heading to the venue. So we went and waited for about FIVE hours.

At this point I was still quite excited. Then his car pulls up (a taxi) he gets out and he gets out looking just like his photos (wow my 'dream' come true). Suddenly I began to get crushed by girls and WOMEN aged between 16 to 25 who all rushed towards him hysterically crying and screaming and pushing each other violently out of the way. Lets just say I began my retreat to the back of the crowd slightly freaked out and embarrassed at what I was trying to associate myself with. He is after all just a person and well.... Gary Barlow.

Anyways my point in all this is how great (and quite funny) would it be if Contemporary dance could have the same kind of impact on the world. In New Art Club's piece they ask for us all to go out and do their moves like 'Girl with the Shitty Shoe' and 'Bum Rush' in night clubs and get everyone to join in, and yes it is all part of their show but imagine instead of everyone doing, lets say, the moon walk what if they all danced in night clubs doing the hofesh crawl!!! I would love to live in that world.

I get intimidated when I see people who I have read about in books or seen on stage before and to me they are my 'pop stars'. It also got me thinking about people like Rafael Bonachela and Hofesh who have delved into the 'commercial world' and given people the chance to see contemporary dance who normally wouldn't ever have seen it before.

After the NAC show I went to a 'The View' gig, and well, that rock and roll feeling must be amazing people singing your songs back to you. the closest I ever got to this was when I was in a dance troupe called......wait for it....... NEON. (yes I know cool name eh??). I was only 16 but we used to support people all over Ireland. it was an amazing feeling seeing 2000 people cheering back at you. Another Rock and Roll feeling was when when I performed at the Olivier Theatre for the BT National Connections back in 1999 that was pretty special.

Ok now i am just self indulging..... ooh maybe I am natural rock star after all?